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Posted: January 15, 2011 in Game Design
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I am Paul Fabella, Game Designer from Philippines. I have been designing games since childhood as a hobby or obsession. I wasn’t very fortunate to own my own game console or device back then. I started writing stories, and soon it turned into novels. I created my own world, drew my own map, designed each location geographically and described each race, life forms, cultures, characters, and so on. My obsession turned into passion through education. I took up Multimedia Arts major in 3D and Game Development. After College, I took a job as 3D Artist and Animator (since there was no Game Designer Job yet in our country). As years passed by, I continued making my own games through mods, open source game engines, game maker, rpg maker, etc. together with my skills as an artist and a little programming, I created some games.

2011, I joined Gameloft Philippines as Game Designer. There I learned more about how things work as a full-time designer. It was fun and hard at the same time.

I have handled popular titles such as: Where’s Wally Now?, Texas Hold’em Poker, Modern Combat 2, Let’s Golf 3, Green Farm, GT Racing, been part of the MMORPG game Order and Chaos, Oregon Trail, Miner Wars, and more.

Being a game designer, it is important to keep my eyes and mind open to big and small things that makes up a game. From concept to logic, levels and missions, money flow and implementation, these things are on my tab.

Before becoming a game designer, the first thing you have to be is, a “Gamer“. This is not just a typical type of gamer, but a technical gamer. This means playing the game not only as a form of entertainment of past time, but in a sense of studying the game you’re playing. This includes factors on how the game became famous, what made it addictive, how it earned millions, how it retains their market, and so on. After these broad factors, you’ll have to take note of the way they implemented their game logic, if there are certain loop holes that can be used and abused, or studied and formulate, and certain game features that may seem unique and how these features contribute to the game flow.

It is so important to know what kind of game you’re making, the target market, the resources, and how it would earn you or your company some money.

More will be discussed within this site.


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