Based on the book ‘The Point of impact’ by Stephen Hunter.

This was at least the fourth best movie on my list. Government conspiracy and rifles are the huge elements that builds up this story. Whalberg’s character is in fact a top of the line USMC gunnery sergeant. Most soldiers say that once you’ve entered the army, whether it is in the military, navy, or marine, you are just a name and a number. Being expendable is the nature of being in the army. Patriotism has been less mentioned and the urge of battle dominated the will of these people.

Bob Lee Swagger, he was one hell of a shooter. He knows where, when, how, and what comes after he shoots. Here, the 50 caliber guns are being used as toys on blowing down choppers and heads of Archbishops.

When it comes to personality, Whalberg’s role as Swagger completely fills up the hole that makes a deadly soldier. Studies were quite accurate when it comes to wind, humidity, temperature, and other factors that affects bullets being fired from beyond a mile. Enemy combatants however, were merely like a ‘bot’ as we call the A.I from shooting games. They don’t have natural intuitions and quickly bites the bait. Whoever wants to see your hero being overpowered by just a guard anyway… It seems that the government has been hiding things from us, truths that hasn’t been untold, mysteries, lies and deceit, not only in America, but on almost every nation.

Shooter was indeed one great movie. From the book itself, this film can actually kick ass.


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