Game Design Challenge: Speak up! Entry – RoBox Championship

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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RoBox Championship
By Paul Fabella, Game Designer @ Gameloft
This game involves more than just the usual combat system of a fighting game, this involves the players’ ability to command robots through control pad, voice command, and motion sensor. The robots can be modified, customized, and remodeled.
Robots are customizable. There are 3 base body types (tank, agile, tech). Tank types are bigger and tougher but slower; Agile types are smaller, faster, but more fragile; Tech types are balanced, not too fast, not too strong, and can have more techniques in combat. Parts that can be customized are the head, arms, torso, legs, feet, & fists.
The combat system is controlled by either the gamepad, motion, or voice command depending on the settings installed in the robot. Players can purchase control parts and choose how they would prefer to control their robots during combat.
Voice chip enables players to control robots via voice command + gamepad. There are hundreds of pre-installed commands and dozens of combos for different languages that the players can use and modify. Players can rename existing combos or create their own combos that can be used in combat.
To execute a command using voice control, simply press the speak button (A) from the joypad and then speak the command clearly.
To input a new voice command, players will be recording the new command and link it with the specific move or combo.
Shadow Box enables the players to use the kinect motion sensor to control their robots. Attacking, blocking, dodging, moving around, and other movements can be controlled with Shadow box. Since these are heavy robots, they do not move very fast, therefore requiring moderate speed actions. Players cannot store and play combos with the Shadow Box, but they can record it and look at it in the moves set.
Each Pro Fight is scheduled for 12 rounds with 3 minutes per round. After each round, players earns points. Depending on their performance, the points they have can be used to replenish & repair their robot.
Each robot will have both life & stamina bars. 
The finishing mode is triggered when the opponent’s Life bar is red. In this mode, the player can knock out the opponent with a series of enhanced attacks.
Winning Variables
KO Opponent is knocked out or disabled within the count of 10
TKO Opponent is unable to attack or defend, forced stoppage of the fight
DECISION Winner is determined by points
DEFAULT Opponent quits fight
DQ Opponent is disqualified
Not many fighting games includes these kind of interactivity. The idea of having your own RoBox (Robot Boxer) and customizing it according to your preference, fighting all over the world earning cash & titles, and physically or vocally getting involved in the process will give so much fun and thrill to hardcore and casual gamers alike.

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