Beat the roaches – game concept

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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Beat the roaches

Platform: Android

High Concept           
Fast paced point, tap, and swipe food strategy & defense game

Game Overview
Game description
Its dinner time but the roaches are coming. The roaches mean to take all of your food. Defend your food in the table against them. The roaches will come from all over the table. They either crawl or fly. Swat them away from the table by swiping across them into a corner of the table. Smashing them leaves their filth in the table and increases bacterial infection that contaminates the food. Use items to trap or kill roaches faster.


Core Gameplay
The food / dish in the table will be swarmed with cockroaches from different directions of the screen.

Defense Set up
There will be a 20-second set up time for the player to lay traps and prepare against the attacking roaches. Each trap laid will have a specific cool down timer before it can be laid again.

Swat the roaches away by swiping them into the opposite direction.  You can also smash the roaches by tapping them. Smashing leaves their filth in the table and eventually contaminates the food. Remove the filth by swiping them away.
Roaches attack in waves. Use the setup time well to effectively repel their attack.
If the roaches reached the dish, it’s Game Over.

There are items that you can use to beat the roaches:

Bug Spray – kills roaches over time but leaves the body in the table. 10 second cool down
Electric Swatter – swats away flying roaches. 5 second cool down
Ultra Sonic – for 5 seconds, all roaches that comes to the table dies. 90 second cool down.

Poison Chalk – draws a line in the table. Roaches that cross the line will slow down and die. The line fades as a roach walks through it.
Sticky Trap – roaches that steps on this trap cannot move for 10 seconds. The trap fades when stepped into.
Zapper – a hanging electrical net. Instantly kills flying roaches. Gets busted after 3 kills.
Roach balls – small poison balls that make the roach that gets close to it dizzy & slow for 10 seconds
Blue light – flying roaches gets distracted by this for 10 seconds. Shuts down after 30 seconds.
Poison food – a poisoned food piece that instantly kills a roach when eaten.
Pest Control – instantly kills roaches that steps on this trap. Good for 10 seconds.

These items temporarily blocks incoming roaches. Though eventually, these barricades will be destroyed by roaches. Placing barricades in the area would cost gold and will have specific durabilities depending on the type.
Here are the types of barricades that can be used in the game:
Paper barricade – cheap and easy to make but easily destroyed. Does not block flying roaches
Net – effective and slightly durable but a bit costly. Blocks crawling and flying roaches.

There will be different types of cockroaches, each with different quality and stats
Commoner      – A common roach, balanced speed and defense
Tough Roach              – A defensive roach. High defense, low speed. Immune to bug spray & poison chalk.
The Sprinter    – A very fast roach with high speed and low defense.
Small Roaches   – They are very small roaches. Has high speed but very low defense.
Breeder                       – Lays 2-3 eggs during swarm. Has low speed, & low defense. The hatched eggs spawn a small roach.
Albino                          – Rare white cockroach. This drops items when smashed. Has a very high speed.
Flying Roach               – These are airborne roaches. Has medium speed. Poison chalk doesn’t affect this type.
Green Roach              – This type is can also fly. They’re also immune to bug spray.
Death Head     – A very strong roach. Ignores all insecticides & traps. Has medium speed and very high defense.

Game Modes
Quick play – plays a random level with only the basic un-upgraded weapons & traps
Adventure – progressive levels and challenges with storyline and rewards. Unlocks certain weapons, traps, & upgrades.
Survival – endless progressive levels and challenges with better rewards using weapons & traps acquired from the adventure mode or bought in the store.

Control system
Swatting – swipe across the target to swat
Smashing – tap the target once, twice, or more to smash
Lay Trap – select a trap to use and place it on the table by tapping the area you where want it
Use item – select an item to use. Tap or tap & hold on the target.
Target Demographic
Casual gamers, young or adult, male or female of any race or nationality
Character and visual style
Assets and levels will be in cartoony style of 3D. UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
Weapons – used to repel roaches. Can be bought and upgraded in the item shop.
Traps – used to slow down or kill roaches. Can be bought and upgraded in the item shop.
Gold – currency in the game. Used in the shop to buy upgrades, items, power ups, etc.

Key Selling Points
·         Its fast-paced gameplay leads to high fun factor
·         Players will use strategy to defend their meal against roaches
·         Has a unique type of defense and strategy gameplay
·         Plenty of collectibles and items found in the game

There will be a free and full version of the game.

Free Version
Players can access Quick Play mode & up to 1 levels in the adventure mode. Further levels will be locked as well as the survival mode. Weapons & traps can still be upgraded or bought but not those that are not unlocked in the adventure mode.

Full Version
Players can access all game modes and levels in the adventure mode. This also includes 10000 gold as a bonus and a premium item.

Competitive Titles
These titles are a bit similar in terms of gameplay, mechanics, and visual style: Plants vs. Zombies, Ancient War. Cockroach dream

Why Make this game?
Strategy & tower defense games have been well introduced through almost every type of player including female casual players. (ex. Plants vs. Zombies) This type of game is perfect for players on the go and even for first time players. There have been plenty of successful games in this genre that each of them had the same idea with just little twists. Introducing a new feature on a familiar type of gameplay would deliver better experience for players that want to see something different. There’s plenty of potential for in-game sales and with a good character design, they might just hit it big time on novelty products & toys in the future as well.


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