Big Two Championship – game concept

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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Big Two Championship

Platform: Android / iOS

High Concept           
Vegas style fantasy high rolling Big Two game packed with various gaming locations, AI players, and plenty of challenges.

Game Overview
Game description

Big Two has become the world’s most popular game. It was so popular, that it becomes an international sport. This is a world-wide Big Two challenge with a Vegas-like setting and style. There will be several locations with unique local players, prizes, rules, and challenges. Aside from bank chips / cash, there will be other rewards for each game won. These rewards are collectibles, cards, and other items. Players can also play with their friends or any players around the globe in an asynchronous type of play. Players can join or play more than one table during online play. There will also be a number of available and unlockable Avatars that the players can use.

There are different modes in the game:

Quick Game – plays a quick game with random opponents. No cash required and earned.

Career – A progressing game mode where players battle different players from different locations. Player can earn cash and rewards as well as achievements, medals, and unlockables in this mode.

Online – The player can play one on one with a friend or with any other player asynchronously. In this mode, the player can create or join a game. Cash can be won or lost during online play.


There will be several challenges in the game. These challenges are not required to move on. Completing these challenges will earn the player medals, trophies, rewards, cash, and even items.

Ex. Fastest Draw, Highest card, highest combination, etc.

A tutorial feature will be available for those who are not familiar with Big Two.
Core Gameplay
The game will be using the landscape orientation of the device.

Control system
Touch, Tap, and Drag will be the key controls for the game.

Target Demographic
Casual Gamers

Character and visual style
Cards, Assets and levels will be in 3D. Icons, UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
In-Game Items – These are items that affect gameplay.
Spy Card – takes a look at any card from an opponent’s hand.
Revelation – reveals an opponent’s hand
Reshuffle – reshuffles the deck to draw new set of cards
Increase Timer – increases time by 2x, 4x, or 5x per turn.
Card Swap – Swap a card from your hand to any card from any opponent’s hand.
Manipulate – Controls an opponent’s turn, making him pass or play a card.
Food & Drinks – These are displayed beside the character avatar and consumed after each game.
Collectibles – These are Items that comes in a set. Each set can either be converted to a rarer item or sold.                 Collectibles are acquired randomly upon winning a game on a specific game location.
Customizations – These are customizable stuffs within the game such as Card Designs, Player Avatars, Tables, Background Music, etc.
Cash – This is the in-game currency. This can either be earned through winning, or bought using real money.

Key Selling Points
·         Single player mode will have a variety of AI players with a different personality and style.
·         There will be a story behind the games and the AI players that can be revealed through playing.
·         Plenty of challenges to accomplish for every location.
·         Cute and cool looking characters with unique stories and personalities.
·         Players can play with others around the world.
·         High Fun Factor

There will be a Free and Full version for this game.  The free version will allow the player to play the Quick Game mode and two levels in the career mode. To unlock the other features of the game will require them to purchase the full version. Players running the free and full versions of the game can access the item store where they can buy items using cash.

Competitive Titles
Big Two Poker, Big Big Big 2, Ultimate Big 2, Net Big 2

Why Make this game?
There have been many Big Two games for mobile where all have almost the same feel and approach. This game will put many twists to the Big Two game and will be having plenty of add-ons and features for the players to enjoy. This is not just a simple card game; this is a card game with a twist.


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