Creetures – game concept

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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Platform: Android / iOS

High Concept                                   
Interactive creature raising game packed with awesome character designs and engaging story as well as easy-to-grasp gameplay and battle system.

Game Overview
Game description
A creeture is an animal-like creature inhabiting the wilds of a certain region in the planet. Creetures can be tamed and bred by humans and be used on various activities and work. There are hundreds of different species that the player can interact, fight, breed, and collect. Each creeture will have unique abilities and characteristics. Players can breed them to create another type of creetures. These creetures can be used for duels, shows, and contests or just as pets. The player will play as a new owner of a creeture egg. The player will have to take care and train the creeture until it’s fully grown and capable for battle. The game is story-based and continuous.

3rd Person Camera

Game structure
[Feed, Train, Breed, Friends] – [Duel, Tournaments, Contests, Show] – [Shop, Home]

Core Gameplay
Core Loop
Egg > Raise > [Pet / Battle / Contest] > Breed > Egg
The player will raise, train, and breed their creetures. The player can have up to four active creetures in the base. Each creeture will have specific traits, family tree, and breeding compatibility. When a certain creeture breeds with another type, there will be a new creeture given to the player to raise, train, and breed.

Control system
Everything will be touch-based plus the use of Gyroscope & Voice recognition

Target Demographic
Casual to semi-hardcore gamers, young or adult, male or female of any race or nationality
Character and visual style
The characters and levels will be in 2D or pre-rendered 3D, while the UI & HUD will be in 2D

Virtual Goods
Food – there are different types of food. Each type adds up to an attribute of the creeture. Players can get food each day sufficient for simple daily activities. More food will be required if creetures grows bigger and used in battles. Additional food can either be earned from adventures, or bough in the In-App store.
Items – these are consumable goods used for recovery, enhancement, training, breeding, etc.
Eggs – creature eggs can either be bred within the game or bought in the In-App Store
Habitats – these are required to accommodate certain types of creetures. Habitats are house upgrades and bought using in-game cash or premium currency.
Currencies – there are two types of currencies in the game: the local currency (Gold), and the premium currency (Rubies).  Local currencies can be used to buy basic in-game items, basic creature eggs, and basic base upgrades.

Key Selling Points

·         There are several types of creetures in the game to discover.
·         Each creeture have different characteristics, stats, skills, attributes, and powers
·         The players can use push notifications to publish their creatures or progress on their social networking sites
·         Players can duel with other players asynchronously.
·         There will be a global ranking for all players
·         There will be new creetures to be released on certain occasions or events
·         There are many possibilities on breeding and battles that players can try to formulate by themselves
·         Players can just click and wait for certain tasks to be finished and does not require massive amount of time spent
·         Players can visit their friends and trade items, eggs, socialize, or duel.

The game can be played on trial play with certain limits and restrictions such as 30-day trials. The trial version will also have advertisements.
The paid version will have no ads, and with most features unlocked. Additional features such as downloadable contents, premium currencies, event items, etc. can be purchased using real money.

Competitive Titles
Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Digimon, Pet Society, Tamagochi, Pocket Creatures, Touch Pets

Why Make this game?
This type of game trend started back in the mid 90’s and has bloomed in the early 2000’s starting with the classic ’Tamagochi’ device. There were several limitations back then and it became more popular when it came to handheld consoles such as GB and NDS. Using today’s technology and portability in a common device type, this kind of game will now be able to cater to a wider market and re-introduce itself to the long lost fan-base of cute monsters like Pokemon and MR. More casual players can now enjoy having their own virtual pets on their android devices and will have the freedom to choose either to use them in battles, or just as pets to brag with their friends.


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