Fantasy Kart Racing – game concept

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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Fantasy Kart racing

Platform: Android / iOS

High Concept           
Cute fantasy kart race game filled with plenty of characters with unique skills, powers, and karts.

Game Overview
Game description
Each character will also have a unique story and mounts. All the characters can be leveled up, upgraded and enhanced. The players can also race against their friend asynchronously. The game will be composed of three types of game modes: Quick Race, Story, and Play with friends. Quick Race allows the player to play a random character in a random track. In the story mode, the player can choose any character to play. Each character will have a unique skill, kart, story, and ending.

3rd Person view from an upward angle behind the character

Game structure
Quick Race; Story [Choose Character]; Practice; Play with friends.

Core Gameplay
Core Loop
Home > Set Up > Race > Reward > Home
Each race starts with the player setting up his/her kart; customize parts, and choosing a power-up. There will be mystery items that the players can pick up within the race. Mystery items could either be a random power up or a trap. Traps either slow or stop the player(s) for a time. Power ups can either boost the speed or launch protective barriers, or even launch an offensive skill.  Each race can have a minimum of two and a maximum of six riders depending on the track or story.

Race with friend
Players can have a one on one race with their friends. The player sends a challenge to their friend by racing a certain track and sending the time result. The other player can accept or waive a challenge. If the other player accepts the challenge, he/she must beat the score or time that the challenging player has.

Control system
The players can choose to use the virtual pad or the Gyroscope for maneuvering. There will be a skill button in the screen as well.

Target Demographic
Casual gamers, race fans, young or adult, male or female of any race or nationality

Character and visual style
Assets and levels will be in 3D. UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
Characters – there are several characters to choose from. Some are unlockable by achievement, and some are unlockable by in-app purchase.
Karts – players can buy new kart models for all characters. These karts can also be enhanced, upgraded, and customized.
Upgrades – these are upgrade items such as: [wheels, rims, tires, hood, bumpers, etc]
Power Ups – these are usable during races, each power up gives certain effect on the rider [ex. Speed up, steer up, auto stir, etc.]
Money – this is the in-game currency used to purchase items.

Key Selling Points
·         There are many characters to choose from. Each has a unique story, skill, and cars.
·         The karts can be customized for all the characters.
·         Players can race with their friends even if they are not online at the same time.
·         There are plenty of parts, upgrades, and strategies that the players can combine in a race.
·         Each track will have a unique terrain type and challenge.
·         There will be new updates every time for new parts, cars, tracks, and characters
·         Plenty of goals and trophies to achieve

The players can buy more in-game money, parts, items, upgrades, power ups, unlock characters instantly, and unlock tracks within the in-app store. There will also be free or purchasable DLC such as new parts, new cars, new tracks, and new characters.

Competitive Titles
Kartrider, Shrek kart racing, traffic rush, racing live, krazy kart racing, tiki kart 3d

Why Make this game?
Kart racing has been a very popular genre to almost every type of demographic. There also have been several variations and ideas for a good kart game. Using unity, this game can have more functions for the android such as enhanced physics, better models, lighting, etc. The production can be easier. Models can be re-used, and modified using different textures only, saving time and resources on production.  The game can also sell better with in-app purchases in-game advertisements as well.


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