Marksman – game concept

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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Platform: Android

High Concept           

Medieval fantasy Archery FPS game

Game Overview
Game description
The game will be focused on target shooting with character and skill building. The player will be using Bow and arrow to take down targets. There are several modes in the game: Target Practice, Tournament, Hunt, Survival, and Wall Defense. There will be several types of bows and arrows, all with various effects and stats. Basic bows and arrows can be bought in the item shop and advanced types are bought using premium currency. Players can also use power ups and potions in the game as well as stat boosters. The main attributes of the game is precision, speed, and strength. These attributes can be increased as the player progresses in the game.
Game structure
Status | Target Practice | Tournament | Hunt | Survival | Wall Defense | Shop

Core Gameplay
Core Loop
Home > Play > Win > Upgrade > Train > Next Level > Win > Home

The core mechanic of the game is: Load > Pull > Aim > Shoot. The player will have to load an arrow into the bow, pull, when it’s fully retracted, the player can aim at a target, and release the arrow to shoot. There will be some factors that can affect the accuracy, power, and speed of the arrow: environment, wind, weather, armor, and enchantment. The game ends when the objective is completed and the player will earn rewards based on performance. Next level begins, and so on.

The game will be in the First-Person view

Control system
Everything will be touch-based. There will be a v-pad for the movement control. The player can drag through the screen to move the camera view. The load/shoot button is pressed to load (if there’s no arrow loaded in the bow), hold to pull, and release button to shoot. A power-up button will also be available in the screen during gameplay.

Target Demographic
Casual gamers to hardcore gamers, young or adult, male or female of any race or nationality

Character and visual style
Assets and levels will be in 3D. Icons, UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
Bow –There are many types of bow that the player can use. All with unique stats, design, and power.
Arrow – There are many types of arrows with different properties and strengths.
Power up – There are plenty of in-game items such as Stabilizer, Slow Time, Aim Trajectory, 2x Exp, 2x Gold, etc. All can be earned in the game or bought in the game shop using gold or premium cash.
Avatar – This is the player’s identity. There will be a couple of available avatars that the player can use. There will also be other avatars that the player can unlock using premium cash or by advancing in the game.
Gold & Ruby – These are the currencies in the game. Gold is used to buy basic game items while Ruby is used to buy premium game items and more. Ruby is bought using real cash.

Key Selling Points
·         This would be the first Bow & Arrow mobile FPS game.
·         The mechanics is simple, like a combination of angry birds, Robin Hood, and Battlefield.
·         There are plenty of game variations to choose from. All with increasingly exciting challenges.
·         There are many types of bows and arrows to combine to achieve various goals.
·         Future content may include a good story-line, and more AI enemies
·         Flavored with RPG elements such as stat growth, and skill trees.

The game can be played in Trial mode with limited features, sponsored ads, but still has access to in-app purchasing.
Paid version will unlock all game modes and features and without ads.
Players who have either Trial or Paid versions can still purchase premium currency using real cash.

Competitive Titles
Dark Meadow, iBow3D, longbow
Why Make this game?
Aside from this being the biggest bow & arrow FPS, this game will also introduce a sports-like type of gameplay where skill is involved. Many players will be engaged with its innovation and challenge as well as the simplicity of the mechanic. There’s a high potential for retail and premium sales.


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