Survive the Outbreak – game concept

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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Survive the Outbreak

Platform: Android / iOS

High Concept           
Sneak, hide, and run! Zombie escape strategy & puzzle game.

Game Overview
Game description
Zombies and other foul undead creatures now roam the land. Only a few survivors remain alive and barely surviving each day as food became scarcer and hope grows thinner. The group of survivors needs to stay alive by getting provisions around the city. However, zombies are roaming the streets day and night. Ammunition is also down to zero and the only way to get the provisions is to sneak past the zombies unnoticed.
This isn’t a zombie shooting frenzy like most others. This is a strategy based, puzzle filled zombie escape game. The game is composed of several missions and tasks such as supplies & parts retrieval, rescue, escape, mysteries, puzzles, and more.

Core Gameplay

There will be a survivor assigned with a specific task. This task will take place on certain parts of the city. There will plenty of zombies lurking around the city. Zombies walk through paths back and forth or in circles around an area.


Zombies don’t just sense by seeing, they also have a strong sense of smell too.  Each zombie type will have certain radial area of sight where they can sense an approaching human. If the player gets inside the detection level of a zombie, the zombie will chase the player. If the zombie reaches the player, it’s Game Over.


Level Design
Each level will have specific goals. Most goals require the player to return to the base with the goods or items required. The level will begin small during the early part of the game and will reveal other areas as the game progresses.

Each new mission unlocks a new area on the city, and each new area gives a more difficult challenge, and may include the one you’ve previously accomplished. Each new area unlocked will also reveal new items, skills, and more.






There are 3 types of survivors in the game. Each has a unique skill set that can accomplish certain tasks in the game. You can choose any survivor before the start of each mission. Certain areas of the city can be unlocked when a certain survivor is used.

These are the survivor types and their characteristics:

Sandy Sandy is a former track star. She can run fast and can sneak better because of her small size though that makes her more vulnerable to damage. SPD – 5
LIF – 2
VIS – 3
STA – 4
Pick lock
Alex Alex can repair doors, engines, and almost anything else. His super powered eye sight gives him better vision than the others making it easy to detect any enemies nearby. SPD – 3
LIF – 3
VIS – 5
STA –3
Joe Joe is big, strong, and tough. He can withstand more attacks and lift or push heavy object than the other but his size makes him slower. SPD – 2
LIF – 7
VIS – 2
STA –3

Each survivor will have attributes such as: Life, Speed, Stamina, Vision, and Skill. Life is the vitality of a survivor, if the life is depleted, the survivor is dead… game over. Speed refers to the running speed of the player; Stamina is used for running or pushing; Vision refers to the field of view of the player; and Skill refers to the special ability of a survivor. Each survivor will have certain upgradable skill sets that can be used to accomplish certain tasks.

Control system
A D-Pad will be used for navigation. A run and skill button will also be available. Reaction buttons will appear when the player gets contact with an event object.

Target Demographic
-Casual to hardcore gamers 11 above. Contains mild to moderate violence and gore

Character and visual style
Assets and levels will be in 3D. UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
Cash – used to upgrade survivors’ attributes
Equipment – armours & accessories that give certain attribute effect or boost
Energy Drink – recovers stamina
Speed plus – temporarily increases maximum speed
Stamina plus – temporarily increases maximum stamina
Life plus – temporarily increases maximum life
Vision plus – temporarily increases vision
Speed max up – permanently increases maximum speed by 1 level
Stamina max up – permanently increases maximum stamina by 1 level
Vision max up – permanently increases maximum vision by 1 level
Life max up – permanently increases maximum speed by 1 level
Skill level up – increases a skill level by 1

Key Selling Points
·         Increasing challenges per level
·         Players can make their own strategies to accomplish missions
·         Different types of survivors with different capabilities, skills, and attributes

Free version will have ads every after game and will have some locked contents like the survival mode. The Full version will have no ads, and will unlock all features plus a free special package containing 1 of each max up items.

Competitive Titles
No similar games so far

Why Make this game?
The zombie trend is still hot. This game is not the same as other zombie games which involve shooting and brutality. This is a strategy-based game where players will have to wisely plan their moves to avoid the zombies and survive.


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