Train Rescue – game concept

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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Train rescue

Platform: Android

High Concept           
Fast-paced, drag & drop, train track building game where the player rescues a train from crashing by creating paths, avoiding obstacles, and removing hazards while the train is running.

Game Overview
Game description

The train is running uncontrollably, but the path beyond has been destroyed. Help the train get to its destination by placing correct tracks and removing obstacles along the way. The player will have to place tracks while the train is moving forward. There will be different track types that the player can place within the terrain to successfully create a new path for the train. There will be obstacles along the way. The player can either create a path around the obstacle, or destroy it using dynamites. Dynamites can be used up to 3x per level. There will also be gold coins and items in the level. The player can build a path for the train to pick up those items. There will also be hazards along the way. These hazards can either destroy a placed track or block it. Once a hazard hits a certain track, the player can either remove it or re-make the track. The player can also use consumable items such as auto place track, train stop, dynamite, no hazard, and magnet to help them through the game.

There will also be three types of terrain: Land, Water, Cliff. Each terrain type has a different requirement for tracks. (Ex. Cliff requires bridge tracks, Water requires tunnel, etc.)
Core Gameplay
Core Loop
Build Tracks > Avoid Obstacles > Build Tracks > Fix Tracks > Take Items > Build Tracks
Initially, the player will be given 10 seconds to start building a path ahead. The player can just keep creating paths, avoiding or destroying obstacles, and removing hazards along the way until the player reaches the end point.

The game will be using the landscape orientation of the device.

Control system
There will be a menu on the top of the screen where every type of track is available. The player can drag & drop a track to a tile in the terrain to create a path. The player can drag and drop boulders or lumbers away from the tracks.

Target Demographic
Casual Gamers

Character and visual style
Assets and levels will be in 3D. Icons, UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
Consumables – these are items used in-game. These can be bought in the in-app store.
·         Dynamite – there will be 3 for each game. This is used to destroy obstacles &  clear a path
·         Auto Place Tracks – automatically places 5 correct tracks in the terrain.
·         Train Stop – Stops the train for 3 seconds
·         Train Stop II – Stops the train for 6 seconds
·         Train Stop III – Stops the train for 15 seconds
·         Magnet – Automatically collects the items in the surrounding area.
·         No Hazard Zone – Disables all hazards in the level for the one game.
·         Double Dynamite – Get 6 dynamites instead of 3 for 5 games.
Train Parts – trains can be customized with parts. These parts can be picked up in various levels or bought from the in-app store.

Key Selling Points
·         The fast-paced gameplay is exhilarating and a challenging.
·         Each level gives new challenges, better prizes, and more fun for players on the go.
·         There will be achievements that the players can unlock by completing certain tasks or goals
·         Players can brag their achievements using push notifications
·         Perfect gameplay for a kill-time type of game. Simple mechanics, fast-paced gameplay.

The game can be played in a trial version where there will only be one chapter available. Each chapter will have up to 10 levels. The player can still customize their trains by purchasing parts in the in-app store. There will also be active ads in the trial version.
The paid version will contain no advertisements, and will have all features and chapters and levels playable. Players will also have free parts to use in customizing their train.
Players can purchase items in the in-app store using premium currency or gems.

Competitive Titles
Train Crisis, Train Conductor

Why Make this game?
There is great market potential for a 3D train track building game. Aside from the physics involved, there will also be plenty of fun and exciting challenges for each level.


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