Champion Runner mobile – game concept

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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Champion runner


High Concept

A high intensity, fast-paced, and interactive running game packed with real-life mechanics & fun.

Game Overview

Game description

You start as an amateur runner who wanted to become a champion. Your personal running coach will be teaching you the basics of the game. You will have physical attributes that will determine your performance during the run. These attributes are monitored by meters within the game.  These are the essential attributes in the game: Air, Endurance, Water and Energy. There are also other attributes such as injuries, power ups, and gear.

There are different game modes such as: Solo Run, Sprint, Time Challenge, Fun Run, & Olympics. You can also customize your runner avatar’s appearance, and gear.

When the race / run starts, the avatar will be moving forward automatically on a jog speed. The player can use the sprint button to go faster. Going faster consumes more air, water, and stamina. Resting eventually by slowing down recovers air and stamina. Drinking recovers water. When the player runs out of stamina, the runner will stop and pant for a few seconds. There will be goals each game that the player must accomplish in order to win.

Core Gameplay

Core Loop

Train > Run > Prize > Train

Training enhances the runner’s stats by leveling up [endurance, speed, lungs]. The runner can now participate on different running activities. Each run finished earns the runner prizes [money, items, exp]. After the prize, the player goes back home for more training.


The game will be using the portrait orientation of the device.

Control system

The game will have a Run button available.

Target Demographic

Casual Gamers

Character and visual style

Characters, props, and tracks will be in 3D. Icons, UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods

Avatar – There are several pre-made avatars that the player can choose and customize.

Gear – These are shoes, shirts, pants and accessories for the avatar.

Consumables – These are one-time use items such as:

Energy Drinks – Recovers Water fully

Oxygen – Recovers Air instantly

Extra Stamina – Recovers Stamina fully

Energy Pack – Recovers air, water, and stamina instantly

Dash Power Up – Increases speed by 50% for one game

Boosters – temporarily increases runner stats for one or more games.

Key Selling Points

  • This is the first running race game for android.
  • Many game modes to choose from, whether a quick 100m sprint or a full length marathon.
  • Players can customize their avatars and improve their stats as they progress in the game.
  • Simple mechanics, non-complicated features
  • Plenty of Fun and exciting challenges
  • Promotes good health activities
  • Push notifications allow players to post their progress and brag them over their friends
  • Players can race with their friends in the time challenge.
  • Players can use music on their devices as background music.


There will be a trial version for the game where there will be active advertisements in-between games. There will also be some features that will be restricted or locked.

Full version will have no ads, and all features will be unlocked.

Players can buy gears, consumables, and avatars, from the in-app store whether they are using Trial or Full versions.

Competitive Titles

None. This will be the first 3D Running Race game in the android.

Why Make this game?

There hasn’t been any other game similar to this. Aside from this being the pioneer in this kind of genre in mobile gaming, there are plenty of possibilities and potential on product sales and micro sales. The resources available will also make the production easier and less costly. Casual gamers will find this interesting, easy, and encouraging.


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