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Posted: June 7, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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Guess this Tune

Platform: Android / iOS


High Concept           
Casual music memory and guessing game like a combination of draw something and name that tune

Game Description
This is an online music guessing game similar to the idea of draw something but using sounds. Remember the old school tone composition on old mobile phone models? Using a piano keyboard, the player will emulate a tune assigned by the server and send it to another player to be guessed. The other player will then listen and guess its title to earn points.

Target Demographic
General Audience

Key Selling Points

  • This is a unique game that uses interactive music and sounds
  • Gameplay is easy to grasp
  • Brings out the musical creativity from everyone
  • High fun factor for players on the go
  • Familiar game style of word guessing plus musical integration
  • Features all popular songs today

Free & Full Versions
Free version
There will be ads in this version and with limited songs.

Full version
There will be no more ads in the full version plus a bonus of 3000 gold stars & 1000 new songs.

Competitive Titles
None so far

Why Make this game?
Guessing games has been a very popular genre. Games like text twist and draw something has been generally successful all over the world. Draw something uses illustrations to be guessed, this game will be using sounds and tones. Music has been a widely used tool for many games and activities world-wide, and adding an online multiplayer interactivity would definitely break through the market.

There are two types of gameplay: Guessing & Creating tunes.

Players can play online asynchronously and can play with a Facebook friend, an email contact, a specific user, or a random player.
Both players will earn gold stars each time they guess the tunes correctly. Gold Stars are used to purchase goods in the shop such as extra note, effects, new songs, etc.

Create a Tune
This is where players will create a tune based on the server’s assigned titles for other players to guess.

To create a tune, the player will choose a partner to play with. He can browse other players from Facebook, email, user name, or randomly.
When a partner has been chosen, the player can now choose a song or tune to create for his/her partner to guess.
Upon creating a tune, the player will get three choices that are randomly generated. Each item will have a specific difficulty and gold star reward.


easy                 ABC                1 gold star

medium           Thriller             3 gold stars

hard                 Poker face      5 gold stars

When the player had selected a tune to create, it will be sent to the other player to guess.
There is no expiry or time limit on guessing or creating tunes.
The player will now create the tune based on the title selected.

I. Create a tune

  • There will be a piano keyboard and a couple of adjustment buttons for the player to use. (See image below).
  • There will be a certain note limit for the tunes being created. 30 will be the default maximum note slots that are available. The player can buy more note slots in the shop.
  • There will also be a ‘sustain’ and ‘hold’ buttons. Sustaining adds 1 second for one note slot.
  • Holding will give a pause on the tune for one second for one note slot.
  • There will also be effects that the player can use.  Effects can be bought in the shop.
  • There will also be pitch & tempo control. The player can adjust the pitch or tempo higher & lower for each note.
  • There will be control buttons such as: Delete Tune, Undo last tune, Pause, and Play Sample.
  • There will also be a ‘need help’ button available. This will give the player a hint on the tune he/she is making. More tune hints can be bought in the shop.
  • A help /tutorial button (?)will also be available. This will display the game tutorial in the screen.
  • When the player is done with the tune and ready to send it to the other player, he/she can touch the ‘GO’ button.

II. Guessing a tune

  • The goal is to guess the correct song title of the tune.
  • You can listen to the tune over and over again.
  • There’s a rewind button and a play / pause button as well.
  • There will be a randomized selection of letters and a blank letter boxes. The number of blank boxes will vary depending on the title of the tune being guessed.
  • Use the ‘clear’ button to remove all the letters in the answer box.
  • Use the ‘shuffle’ button to shuffle the letters in the letter box. Alternatively, you can shake the device to shuffle the letters in the letter box.
  • Use the ‘letter bomb’ button to remove letters that does not belong to the answer. By default, there are only 5 letter bombs that the player can use, though you can buy more from the store.
  • You can ‘PASS’ if you cannot guess the tune. Passing will break your game streak and won’t earn you and the other player any points.
  • When the title has been guessed correctly, both players will earn the corresponding points of the title.
  • The next turn will be on the player who guessed the tune. This time, he/she will be making the tune for the other player to guess.
  • Each correct guess will accumulate into streaks. Each streak gives out bonus points to both players. The higher the streak, the more bonus points both players get.

Control system
General controls: Tap, Swipe, & Drag.
Special controls: Shake device to shuffle letters.


Visual Style
3D for the piano buttons & 2D for the HUD / UI

Virtual Goods

  • Gold Stars – this is used to purchase goods from the shop
  • Effects – audio effects for the tunes (distortion, guitar effect, drum effect, bamboo, space effect, orchestra, etc.)
  • Note slot – adds one note slot on each upgrade
  • New song – re-shuffles the choices of songs / tunes to make
  • Visualisations – animated / static background and audio wave bar
  • Letter bombs – discards letters that doesn’t belong to the correct word

Copyright and Licensing
Song titles
Song titles are not covered by any copyright law. Song titles are free to use without any royalty as long as no lyric is used.

Song samples


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