Mini Game – concepts collection – I

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Game Concept, Game Design
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This is a collection of quick game ideas for a small scale mobile game particularly for Android.

I. Kitty pairs memory game

Classic pairs memory game featuring different cats. Early levels begins with 2 pairs and increases the difficulty as the levels go higher.

Consumable items could include:

Bomb – unfolds 1-3 pairs

New picture sets

II. City crosser

Similar to the classic frogger. Character crosses the street with various  vehicles. Each vehicle has different speed and occurrence. Goal is to successfully cross the street.

Consumable items could include:

Stop sign – immediately stops any approaching vehicles. Good for one level.

Roller blades – increases crossing speed temporarily. Good for one level.

Helmet – gives one extra chance to cross after being hit.

III. Bully breaker 3D

Similar to kick the boss & tom the talking cat. Simple Beat em` up game. A bully is asking for your allowance or lunch food, beat him up using everything in your bag. Bag contains different objects such as: pencils, crumpled paper, goo, etc. Throw it at the bully until he/she is knocked down. Player earn coins when bully is beaten. Coins will be used to buy items from the shop.

Items could include:

Unlockable bully

Unlockable items

Unlockable level

Possible features:

Customize your bully using device camera or uploading pictures from album.

IV. Infinity tower Stacker

Continuous tower-type stacker game. Climb as high as you can.

The blocks being played will move from left to right. The goal is to align the moving blocks to the blocks below. Unaligned blocks will fall down and reduces chance to fill up the tower. Speed increases as the level goes higher. Speed can be reduced temporarily by using the slow item or by reaching certain levels. Fallen blocks can be replenished by using extra blocks. Items can be earned through achieving goals (ex. Reaching certain height, levels, etc.) or by buying them in the shop. When all blocks are out, it’s game over. The player can continue his/her game by using tokens. Extra tokens can be earned in the game or bought in the shop.


Tokens – continue game after game over

Slow – reduces speed of block movement

Extra block – replenishes one block to the set. Max of 3 blocks per set.

Brag height achievement on FB or Twitter.

V. Save the crew

The ship is sinking and there are no lifeboats left! Sharks and other deadly things infests the water. Save the crew by shooting them through the cannons all the way to the land before the ship sinks. Number of crews required to be saved increases as the game progresses. Gain extra points by getting through loops and getting coins while airborne. Obstacles like birds, poles, and tornadoes may appear as well.

VI. Cryptex Master

A killer is at large. This killer uses cryptexes to hide his secret. Solve the cryptexes to unfold the mystery. This is a simple logic game about deciphering a cryptex and revealing what’s inside. The goal is to solve the cryptex puzzle in time. There will be clues about the cryptex code. There’s hundreds of cryptexes to decipher. The faster you solve the puzzle, the higher the points. The cryptex difficulty increases as the game progresses.

VII. Teks Card Master

Teks is a classic filipino children card game where it is played by two to four participants. Each player will have a main card to be played. Each main cards are collected by the playing participant to be played. The players will bet a number of cards in their hands. The playing participant will flicker the cards in the air (3 for a 2-3 player game, 4 for a 4-player game). The winner will be determined by the one card that is faced differently on the other side. (one card faces down while others are faced up). This game is also a card collecting game. The player will play against NPCs who owns rare card designs. This is mainly a luck + skill game.

Flickering the cards
There will be different factors that affects the cards being played:

Spy – checks all the cards in an opponent’s hand
Mind Control – forces another player to bet a specific card
Telekinesis – increases chance of success for one round
Intimidate – makes another player to decrease bet
Trick – makes another player to increase bet

VIII. Hit the apple

This a game similar to Apply Shooter.
You are an archer. There will be a man with an apple on his head standing on the other side of the screen. You will have to shoot the apple on his head. Miss and you can kill him. The distance between you and the target increases little by little as the game progresses. The range of your shot is determined by a strength gauge. You can also set the trajectory higher or lower.

IX. Ant Bite
Ants are attacking your table to take your food. Kill ants by quickly tapping on them. You can use temporary repellants like chalk to repel a couple of ants for a short time. Some ants are bigger and tougher to kill. It takes two or more taps for them to die. There will be a meter where it measures the ant infestation level. When the meter reaches maximum, its game over. Infestation is determined by the number of ants in the screen. Each new level, there will be a new ant type and new goals. There will be gold ants that carries gold. Gold can be used to buy more chalk and repellants.

X. Piggy defense

The goal is to survive wolfies’ attack until he gives up. Defend the house against the big bad wolf. Reinforce and maintain the house’s defense against the wolf’s attacks. The wolf will be using different tactics to bring the house down. Each time the big bad wolf attacks the house, it will get damaged and if a wall breaks down, its game over. The house will be divided into three floors. Each floor will have its own wall. The walls are vulnerable depending on what the wolf uses to attack. The wolf will be using ‘wolf blow’, sling shots, rocket launcher, and bulldozer to attack. Each weapon he uses will affect a certain material of the wall. (ex. Wolf uses wolf blow to destroy a wooden wall, Wolf uses rocket launcher to destroy stone wall, etc.) Before each attack, you can reinforce the walls by using materials from your resources. Resources such as wood, stone, and iron can be acquired by gathering them. Acquire wood from logging, stone from quarrying, and iron from mining. Each resource takes time to acquire. At first, only one pig can gather resources and more pigs will come as the game progresses. Wolfie will have a stamina meter. When the meter runs out, wolfie will give up, and the level is cleared. Each new level, wolfie will have new weapons to use, and his stamina will increase as well.

XI. Stop and Go

Your character will be continuously walking/running across the busy streets of the city. Guide him when to stop and go. There will be obstacles such as fast moving vehicles, lakes, bridges that opens up for boats below, crossing old ladies, stampedes, etc. This is a simple touch and release game. Touch the screen to make the character pause or stop moving, release to make him move again. Each level will introduce new obstacles and challenges. It will take a good timing and anticipation as well as following directions to make it to the finish. The character will have a life bar. The life bar decreases as he hits an obstacle. When the life bar becomes empty, its game over.


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