An Elf’s Tale

Platform: iOS, Android

Fake Screenshot (proposed game look)


The game runs in the land of Fanlore, a mystic region composed of fantasy

creatures and magic. The elf princess has been kidnapped by the king of

trolls and took her deep into the mountains of Ack. The main character

‘Arti’ must find and rescue the princess, but to do so, he must first gain

the 7 blessings of Fanlore and defeat the evil trolls of Ack.


The main character’s name is Arti. He’s a young male elf. By default, he is

wearing an orange garment with long elf ears and yellow hair. The

character’s primary weapon is a short sword and a also by default,

equipped with a wooden shield. He is accompanied by his fairy friend

named Nix, a cute little fairy with a bright glow.

Basic abilities are:

– Move to the right

– Move to the left

– Jump (Jump height = twice the character sprite height)

– Crouch


1. Sword strike – as the character levels up, there will be new combinations

and attacks that the player can do with this skill. Each attack uses a certain

slash pattern in the screen. Basic attack requires the player to slash accross

the screen. Other attacks will have different pattern and button combination

to execute.

2. Shield block – using the shield, Arti can block certain enemy attacks. There

will be a limiter or durability counter for the shield. As it blocks emeny

attacks, the durability count is lessen. The basic wooden shield can block 5

simultaneous attacks. After taking all 5, the shield cannot be used for 15

seconds. The durability will be restored after 5 seconds without being used.

Unlockable Skill

Note: This skill will be used in the LD of Part three.

3. Frenzy – this gives the player invulnerability from enemy attacks for 15

seconds and increases the player’s attack damage 3x. When the combo gauge

becomes full, the third skill button will now be activated and when the player

Taps it, the player becomes invulnerable and powered up. After 15 seconds,

everything goes back to normal. Player invulnerability does not include falling

into bottomless pits or cliffs.


1) Move to the right: Using the virtual pad, tap and hold the right button

2) Move to the left: Using the virtual pad, tap and hold the left button

3) Jump: Tap the Up or jump button. Tap the Up or jump button again during

the first jump to do a double jump.

4) Crouch: Using the virtual pad, tap and hold the down button

5) Special 1: Drag left to right of the screen to perform the sword strike.

(Other attacks have different directions or pattern)

6) Special 2: Tap and hold the shield button to do a shield block.

7) Special 3 (to be unlocked later): Tap the third skill button to activate the

third special skill.

Aside from the conventional iPhone navigation, the attack system will be

touch based. This is going to be like a hack & slash attack system where

the player will do certain touch patterns in the screen to perform a certain

attack. For example, to execute a basic sword attack, the player will be

touching and dragging from the left to the right side of the screen.

Advanced attacks might come in other directions such as down to up,

diagonal, jump + drag down, etc. The use of the first button is to use the

shield. The other button is for jumping, and the third button is activated

only when the combo gauge is full.


Surface #1: Normal Surface


Player, objects, NPC’s will collide with this surface. Player and NPC’s can

walk on it. Certain parts will have pits, cliffs, or lava where the character

dies and fails the level.

Certain levels will include wind property where the player is moved back a

couple of pixels per second. The surface is still the same, but the wind will

make it a little difficult to walk.

Surface #2: Mud Surface


Players and NPC’s that are ground-based can walk and collide with this

surface and 1/4 of their body is submerged in it. The mud will slow down

all that walks in it including the player and NPC’s by half the normal speed.

Surface #3: Water Surface


Players and NPC’s does not collide with this surface but become

submerged on it. There’s a constant gravitational force that pulls the

Player downwards if the player is steady or in motion. The player’s

movement will be 1.5x slower and the player will swim to move while in

the water surface. The player can walk in the bottom surface but 2x

slower. The player can swim by tapping and holding the jump button. The

player rises up to the surface as they swim.


Interactive element #1: Sling Trees

Gameplay: Sling trees are very flexible trees that can be used to catapult the

player into a certain direction. The tree by default is not moving. The tree will

bend on the direction where the player is. An indicator will tell the player to

tap and hold the jump button to bend the tree and release to boost. If the

player jumps, lands, and releases on the left part of the tree, the player will

be boosted on the parallel trajectory to the right. The height, distance, and

speed of the boost will depend on where the player released the jump button

while in the tree. If the player releases in the absolute middle of the tree

while it’s not moving, the player will be boosted up high. The player will have

to Tap and hold the jump button while in the tree to bend it, and release the

jump button to boost. The tree will gradually return to its steady position

after 5 seconds.

Interactive element #2: Hanging platforms

Gameplay: There will be areas with a hanging platform within the level.

These platforms are connected by vines. The player can step on the platform

to reach higher areas like hidden treasures, power ups, etc. These hanging

platforms also swings left and right as the player lands on it. The hanging

platform will continue to swing for 5 seconds and slows down up to a stop if

the player is standing still. From a stop, if the player moves on the right part

of the platform, it will swing to the right and vice versa.

The connecting vines of the platform can be cut. The player can slash the

vines by attacking it. Once the vine is cut, after 1 second, the platform will

fall down. If an enemy is below the platform, the enemy will be crushed. The

platform can also cover spikes on the floor. If there is not ground underneath

the platform, it will fall constantly along with the player if he/she stays in



Enemy #1: Goblin


Goblins walks to move but they cannot climb or move down a surface. They’re

semi-aggressive and they strike back when attacked. Using their fork spear,

they stabs back to the player. Goblins can stab upwards if they detect that

the player is above them. Goblins are easy to beat.

Enemy #2: Stray Plant


These plants cannot move but they can shoot spikes to attack with a 3 second

interval per shot. Up close, the stray plant changes it’s attack. It uses its head

to smash the Player for every 3 seconds that the player is within close range.

These Stray Plants are a little tougher to beat.


a. During a level

Within each level, players can pick up items, gems, power ups, gold, and

gain experience points by destroying enemies. Gold can be used to

purchase items from the merchant. Before the level is over, the player can

choose to pick up one of 3 bonus items being shuffled inside an orb. There

are also secret items such as alternate costumes, special items, and mini-

games orb to be found on the levels.

b. In-between levels

Players get experience points, gold, and bonus rewards in-between levels

based on the level performance, time finished, remaining life, and gems

collected. The player is also taken to a room with 4 chests containing

either gold, item, exp, or power up. The player will choose to open one of

these chests. Players can also go to the shop and purchase items,

weapons, armors, and magic. Achievements are also earned if players

reached a certain parameter in the game or unlocked something.

This reward structure will encourage the players to perform better in a

level. There are many other things that can be covered in a level aside

from finishing it. There are secret items, mini-goals, and bonuses. The

players will also be encouraged to collect more gold to be able to purchase

high valued items in the shop. This also encourages replay of levels


Features to attract casual audiences:

 Checkpoints – aside from the auto save at every end of the level,

more checkpoints will also be available within each level. This will

also save the player’s progress at some point of the level.

 Auto Save – casual gamers doesn’t want to bother too much on

game memory features. Automation of saving the game progress

gives casual gamers less trouble on accessing their previous game


 Nix tutorial – Nix is the fairy companion of the player. Nix also

serves as the game guide. She will at some point give instructions

or tutorials about the gameplay. Her cuteness will also be an added

impact on our casual gamers specially girls.

 Achievements – having goals in the game will give casual players

something to look forward to in their games. These achievements

can influence their gaming experience and behavior as they earn

trophies, rewards, bonuses, etc.

 Mini games – aside from the actual gameplay, there will also be a

couple of mini games that can be unlocked as the player progresses

in the game. These mini games will serve as an alternate gameplay

to divert boredom from playing the main game.

Features for mass-market audiences:

 Character Customization – most players are attracted to a game

where they can actually customize their characters. Alternate

costumes and parts can be bought in the shop, some are picked up

in some levels, and some can be acquired from playing the mini-

games, and some can be bought via online shop.

 Push notifications – This allows players to post or share their game

progress on social networking sites such as Facebook & Twitter.

There will be certain areas in the game where players can choose to

share their progress. These can be after finishing a level, when the

earned an achievement, when they’ve unlocked a mini-game or

item, and so on. A confirmation window will pop out to ask the

players if they want to share their progress or not.

 Online rankings – the main game, as well as the mini games will

have an online ranking feature or a leaderboard. This will drive

players to be competitive and earn more points to climb the

leaderboard. The players can use their GL Live account or create a

new one to register their progress in the leaderboard.

Features for the female players:

 Female character – The players can get to choose between a male or

a female character. Girls just love it when they get to play a girl

hero and dress up their characters as if they are the ones in the


 Girls love cute characters, fairies, creatures, pets, and simple yet

entertaining plots within a game.

 Girls also love romantic scenes and the concept of a damsel in

distress or a love related plot-line will surely sell on a girl audience


There will be a combo gauge available in the game. The combo gauge

measures the number of enemy kills that the player has accumulated

simultaneously. Each combo adds up to the combo gauge. When the

combo gauge is full, the third skill is activated and the Player can choose

to use it whenever he/she wants it. There will be a 15 second meter that

will come out when the skill is activated.

As soon as the player’s combo gauge becomes full for the first time, there

will be a short tutorial on how to use the third skill. When the third skill is

ready for use, the button for it will have a glowing highlight to let the

player know that they can now use it. There will also be meter or indicator

that will tell the player how long the skill will remain active.


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