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game icon The Haunted Role: Artist, Animator, Programmer, Game & Level Designer, Producer, Sound Editor, Cook 001 Overview This is a survival horror game which goal is to escape the Haunted House while avoiding the angry ghost that haunts it. The only tool used in this game is a flashlight which has a limited use. There is also a fear factor in the game where during extreme darkness or in the presence of the ghost, the character will feel anxiety and affects his vision and sanity, and then eventually leads to mental breakdown.

Puzzles & interactive objects

Object Interaction Result
Music Box Play crank until song ends Acquire key
Paintings Lit light stands in order Open Vault
Library Books on shelf door Interact with secret door Open library secret door
Broken Brick wall Kick wall to reveal path Reveal path to basement
Wooden bridge Jump Survive broken wood
Closet Open Reveal safe combination
Safe Enter key to open Acquire Storage Room Key
Box puzzle Lift box &drop it to correct mark

Interactive objects Music Box music box

  • If the crank is in possession, the next event will follow
  • Touch the crank by doing the reach gesture
  • Listen to the song until the key is released
  • After the song reaches a certain point, a note and a key will be revealed

Light on Paintings 013

  • Touch light stands to turn it on or off
  • Lit the light stands in order
  • Turn the lights of the paintings in this order: Youngest to Oldest
  • (from 2.fetus, 4.child, 5.teen,, 1.old woman)
  • The 4th painting will fall down and a secret safe will open when the paintings are in the placed in the correct order
  • If the order is incorrect, nothing happens and the paintings remain on the last position they were placed.

Library Books on Secret Shelf Door 007

  • Touch the weird shelf to open it
  • door remains open when completed

Broken Brick Wall wall

  • An instruction to kick the window will appear
  • Do a kick gesture to destroy the wall
  • The path is revealed when done.

Wooden bridge (2nd floor corridor) bridge

  • Quickly do the Jump gesture while moving forward to prevent falling

Shaking Closet 012

  • If you have the closet key, touch the closet to open the closet
  • if you don’t have the closet key, the closet will just keep on shaking
  • The ghost will suddenly come out the closet and a note inside reveals the solution to the light puzzle


Action Kinect PC
Move Forward hud_walkPut right foot forward W
Move Backward hud_backPut right foot backward S
Turn hud_turnTurn shoulder left or right Mouse Look
Jump hud_jumpJump in place SPACE
Crouch hud_crouchBend upper body forward C
Stand from Crouch Return to normal posture C
Kick hud_kickKick using RIGHT foot Mouse1
Interact hud_interactRaise right hand Mouse1

Flashlight Flashlight Flashlight provides an abundant but limited source of light. The intensity level or brightness of the light will deteriorate as the battery runs down. Turning the flashlight off saves some battery life but risks triggering fear. The battery stages of the flashlight deteriorates over time of use Battery Life = 100% -1% Battery life over time. Light Intensity goes down as the battery life is diminished until empty

Fear & Sanity During absence of light or in the presence of the ghost, the character will experience fear or anxiety. This is indicated by the heartbeat where as it goes faster, it leads to worse conditions such as mental breakdown — which is equivalent to death or failure. Sanity serves as the player’s HP in the game. When your sanity falls to 0, its game over. Sanity is reduced when in fear, and is replenished when the threat is gone. Total sanity is 100 Fear is triggered upon encounter with both factors such as total darkness or the presence of the ghost. Within the first 3 seconds exposure to total darkness, fear is activated. Fear value goes from 0 – 100 when triggered Upon reaching 100, Sanity goes down. When the fear factory is remedied or avoided (avoided ghost, found a light source), Fear value is reset to 0.

Mother Ghost 017 The Ghost spawns randomly on different parts of the house. Once spotted, the ghost will start chasing the player. While the ghost is in range with the player, the player’s fear increases and sanity goes down, leading to death. 010 004 016 018 The Ghost appears randomly in the house at every 30 seconds for as long as it doesn’t spot the player. Once the player is spotted, it will not disappear until the player loses it.

Fail / Death If the player dies, he will be redirected back to the starting point

Story Harry, a cargo truck driver, is on his first day of duty. He’s driving on the route below the mountains of Cristobal. Mt. Cristobal has been made popular with the strange stories and myths about it being the devil’s mountain. He saw a lone house standing near the foot of the mountains. He saw some light flickering on its window. Harry was going around 100-120 kph on the highway when suddenly, a woman was in front of his truck. Harry hit the breaks and his truck crashed on the road and he suddenly lost consciousness. Harry went on a strange dream where he is inside a burning house with strange screaming and crying voices ending up with him lying on the floor with a ghost staring down at him. He woke up on a strange room. As he got up, the nearby closet was shaking. He assumed someone was trapped inside and so he explored the house with only a flashlight on his hands.   Back Story 002 Around 1950’s, the house was owned by a woman and a boy. The woman was married to a soldier who died during the second world war. When the woman heard of the sad news, she drowned herself with grief. Their 9 year old son was playing in their laboratory when an accident occurred and started a fire. The boy was trapped inside the room and the woman was in their library still crying. When she sensed that there’s fire nearby, she rushed into the laboratory but she couldn’t open the door. She hears her son cry in agony and she forced her way in. The boy was dead. She couldn’t accept the fact that she also lost their only son, and so she sat there and let herself burn as well. When the authorities found out, it was already too late. The house wasn’t entirely burned, only the laboratory, but the woman and child are both locked inside. Nobody ever tried to open it ever since. Years later, people who passes by the house for temporary shelter found themselves trapped inside and was never heard of again. The ghost of the mother was often spotted by passing travelers and residents from neighboring towns. They say that the mother still grieves for the loss of her husband and son and continues to cry everyday.   Game event sequence / Walk-through

  • Player wakes up in a strange bedroom. Follow the guide arrows to recover his flashlight
  • Follow another arrow leading to the outer corridor. Enter the next room
  • There’s a note: note1 on the table to the right. Read it
  • Go down the stairs
  • Take the closet key from Living Room bathroom
  • Go back up the second floor and enter the room with the shaking closet
  • Open the closet using the closet key
  • The ghost suddenly appears from the closet and a short blackout takes place
  • There’s another note: “note2” stating the instruction on the painting puzzle
  • Go down the first floor into the display room
  • Lit the torches of the paintings in proper order (young to old)

(From Left to Right) (2)fetus, (4)child, (5) teen, (3) adult, (1) old woman The 4th painting opens up revealing a safe

  • Go to it and get the storage room key and another note:note3 .
  • Enter the storage room and find a dead end with a wall
  • Kick down the wall to break it
  • A path to the basement is revealed
  • Go to the animal cage room (first room to the right) and take the Key to Tom’s Room
  • Go back up to the 2nd floor and opens Tom’s Room
  • A note is found  note4
  • Take the crank from the end of the outer corridor. Another note is found:  note5
  • Enter the other room and out of the other side of the main corridor
  • Enter Grandmother’s Room and takes the Library Key
  • Go down the basement and enter the library
  • Go inside the library and find a dead end with a different shelf
  • Touch the shelf and the shelf rotates revealing an inner room
  • Take the Music room key and a note: note6 from the table
  • Go back up to the 1st floor and enter the music room
  • Use the crank to play the music from the music box
  • After the song take the laboratory key and read the note: note7
  • Go down the basement and enter the laboratory
  • You’ll see the remains of a human in the room. Go to the end and take the Main Hall Key and a note: note8
  • The Ghost suddenly appears and starts chasing you
  • The fire engulfs the entire house except for a few paths leading back to the exit
  • Upon reaching the main hall again, the Ghost may appear again and chases the player
  • Approach the main hall door and use the key to exit
  • End of story

Methodology ART & SOUNDS

Asset Tool Procedure
All 3D Models (house, furniture, props, ghost, etc.) 3D Studio Max 2010 Basic polygonmodelingUse of Unwrap UV modifier for UVmappingUse of Bones for therigUse of Skin modifier for rigging of ghostsUse of other modifiers for further improvements of the modelsAnimated characters using FK (forward kinematics) and IK (inverse kinematics)Exported all to .FBX
All 3D Textures Adobe Photoshop CS4Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet Brush painting &Photo Manipulation for texturing
VFX / Visual Effects Unity 3D 4.2 trial version Use of basic particle emission and tweaking of its parameters to achieve certain effects
SFX / Sound Effects Windows Media EncoderAudacity Converted sound effects taken from various sourcesEdited sounds through audacity, added effects, tweaked its settings, and exported to .wav and mp3 formats.
UI and HUD Photoshop CS4 All user interface, buttons, HUD elements and screen layout


Component / Feature Tool Procedure
Importing 3D Assets &Integrated into unity 3D Studio Max – Unity 3D 4.2 Imported .FBX files into unityManaged assets foldersCreated prefabs
Lighting / Flashlight Unity 3D 4.2 Used default lighting components of unity (spot light). Shadows unavailable in TrialversionAdded a script to turn it on and off and to decrease its battery and intensity over time while in use. (For PC build only) use FKinect version disables the light control. Meaning, the flashlight remains open all throughout the game and still deteriorates over timeAn indicator in the HUD is displayed to show the flashlight’s battery decreasing over time of use.
Interaction(reach, kick, open, pick, play) Unity Used a customized script to have the mouse trigger make the player interact with certain objects.The Interaction Range script is attached to a Collider which isparented to thegameobject.The gameobject has its own script attached to it together with the interaction script which sends the message to the interaction range script that the object has been triggered.Kinect gestures such as kick, reach,  open, and pick are all mapped to the interaction script
Movement Unity The basic movement and navigation components of unity such as character controller and mouse lookscrips are used.TheKinect movement is divided into different motions:Move forward – put right foot forwardMove backward – put right foot backwardTurn – turn shoulders left or right Crouch – bend upper body down (bow down while moving forward) Jump – jump in place ( 6-8 inches from the ground)
Triggered Events Unity Using the interaction script, events such as: closet, child ghost, and rocking chair events. These events use the same script in which the collider of the gameobject is triggered by the player’s collider.This is also used to bring out HUD icons, door names, texts, and item names.
Ghost Unity Using the ghost script attached to a collider which has a spherical radius, it detects whether the player is on sight (when the player collides with the ghost’s collider).Upon detection, the ghost chases the player. Chasing the player = ghost’s position += distance of the player’s current position with a certain speed value.The player can avoid the ghost by escaping its vision (collider)Ghost Spawning is set to random locations set around the house that makes the ghost appear and disappear on a given time.
HP (Sanity) / Fear Unity These are variables attached to the player in which when the ghost searcher sees the player, fear value is increased from 0 to 100. When fear is equals to 100, HP goes down.The HP value is displayed in the HUDAn indicator on when the player is getting damaged is also displayed during ghost encounter
Kinect for unity Zigfu This is a unity package used to integrate kinect motions.This is a free tool downloadable from:
Light Puzzle Unity Created an array of lights and set up a condition in which the lights are supposed to be lit in correct order to open the secret vault.The light order is as follows:(from left) 2, 4, 5, 3, 1

Screenshots 002003 005 006 007 008 009 012 013 014 015 001 004 010 016 018 017 Flashlight  This project was made for some college friends


Infinity Tower Stacker

How high can you get?


Game Description

This is a continuous tower-type stacker game. Climb as high as you can. Earn tickets based on how high you stacked your blocks and redeem prizes.

Target demographic

General audience

Replay Value

Players will be having a different gaming experience each game. Aside from beating their own records, there are plenty of possibilities that they could encounter within each new game such as acquiring different items, achievements, and experience. Each game will also earn the player tickets for which they could use to buy virtual goods from the store.

Long Term Motivation

Aside from earning tickets and winning all achievements, each player will be entitled to join the global leaderboard to determine who have reached the highest peak. Each new height is an achievement as well as achieving certain goals in the game.

Key selling points

  • Simple gameplay
  • Arcade style fun
  • Plenty of rewards
  • High replay value

Free and Full versions

Free Version

  • There will be ads every 10 levels finished, every game over, before game start, and in the title screen.
  • The player can only stack up to level 60.
  • There will be no ads in the game.
  • The player can stack endlessly.
  • Multiplayer mode enabled (for future development)

Full Version

  • There will be no ads in the game.
  • The player can stack endlessly.
  • Multiplayer mode enabled (for future development)



The arcade mode will emulate some functions of traditional arcade machines such as tokens, tickets, and rewards. The mechanics however will be expanded widely as this game will be catering on a bigger scale of audience.

General Mechanic

Time the set of blocks carefully and when it aligns to the blocks below, quickly hit STOP.
There will be different blocks in the game. The red block will be the generic block to be played. Other blocks (special blocks) appears on certain heights and replaces the outer block or fills an empty block if there is less than 3 blocks left in the set.


Normally, Red Blocks are the ones being used to stack up the tower but there are other blocks in the neighborhood. The other blocks will spawn randomly from a ‘mystery block’ when a specific height is reached. Each block has specific properties that will be helpful or a pain for the player.

  • Pink block – does not fall down even without a block below, also used on continuing a game to make a new starting point
  • Green block – slows down entire set by 20
  • Blue block – slows down entire set by 50
  • Yellow block – sticks for .5 seconds on the edges before moving again
  • Purple block – slows down entire set by 20, sticks for .5 seconds on the edges before moving again
  • Grey block – instantly increases speed by 20 – 50. Does not exceed max speed of 100

*The effects of the blocks do not accumulate on the next height level. When the set with a special block has been landed, the next set will retain the environment speed.

Block Behaviors

The blocks will have different behaviors depending on what’s happening in the game. Each behavior will display different reaction and animation for the blocks.

State Trigger Image
Normal Neutral state (while moving)  
Follow look Planted blocks looking at the moving blocks (not applicable to grey blocks)  
Cheer 1 Planted Red blocks cheering for the moving blocks above shouting ‘Yey!’ every second  
Anticipation Planted blocks reaction when the moving blocks align with the lower blocks.
Fall reaction Planted blocks reaction when a moving block falls down.  
Cheer 2 Planted blocks reaction when the moving block has landed. Blocks shout ‘whoo!’ together.  
Falling Falling block reaction  

Using In-Game Items


‘Slow’ will reset the current speed back into the starting speed. The speed will again increase in the next height level.

Extra Block

Instantly adds one red block on the set. There’s a maximum of 3 blocks per set.


Safely aligns the entire set parallel to the previous level securing a perfect alignment.


Mystery boxes


Mystery boxes will appear in the screen on certain events. The player will have to tap it for it to be activated. Activating the mystery box will give the player a random bonus item.


  • Every 15th, 25th, and 50th perfect streaks
  • Reaching certain levels such as: 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150
  • Item use
Item Chance %
10 silver tokens 70
30 silver tokens 50
50 silver tokens 10
1 gold token 50
10 gold tokens 20
20 gold tokens 10
30 gold tokens 8
50 gold tokens 2
100 tickets 20
200 tickets 15
300 tickets 8
500 tickets 2
3 extra blocks 60
5 extra blocks 40
10 extra blocks 20
3 slows 60
5 slows 40
10 slows 20
3 magnets 50
5 magnets 30
10 magnets 10
Special Block 80
Premium item 2

Special blocks


Special blocks appear upon reaching certain levels or by using a special block item. The player will have to tap on it for it to be activated. Activating a special block will add a random block or replace one block in the set.


  • Every 10 levels
  • Item use


  • The blocks being played will move from left to right. The goal is to align the moving blocks to the blocks below. The players can go as high as they can. The player will start from the ground level and all the way up to the sky and even into outer space.
  • Unaligned red blocks will fall down and reduces chance to fill up the tower. Speed increases as the level goes higher. Speed can be reduced temporarily by using the slow item, acquiring special blocks, or by reaching certain levels. Fallen blocks can be replenished by using an extra block.
  • When the last remaining block is unaligned, it’s game over. The player can continue his/her game by using tokens. Extra tokens can be earned in the game or bought in the shop.
  • Every 10-30 level of blocks stacked, a reward box is earned. Reward boxes contain random items such as in-game items, tokens, collectibles, and other prizes.

High scores & Leaderboard

Aside from the achievements, there will also be an online leaderboard to see which players have reached the highest peak.

Speed increase

The initial speed of the moving blocks will start from 10 and will increase as the level progresses. The maximum speed is 100.

This is the speed table for the moving blocks starting with the slowest.

Speed Table

From the starting point 10
After Next 2 levels 20
After Next 3 levels 30
After Next 3 levels 50
After Next 3 levels 70
After Next 3 levels 90

So from the starting point, the block speed is only set to 10. Then after 2 levels (which now puts us to level 3), the speed increase will be 10. Then after 3 more levels (now at level 6), the speed increase will be 30, by level 9 the speed increase goes to 50, by level 12 it goes up to 70, and by level 15 it goes to the maximum speed increase which is 100. The speed increase will be determined on which level it began. After 20 levels, the speed increase will go back to 10 and then gradually increases again.



There will be plenty of achievements in the game. These achievements will be based on performance, luck, purchases, and activities of the player within the game.


These are the achievements in the game and their conditions

Achievement Condition Reward
Wannabe Stacker Stack up to 20 levels
Stacker’s apprentice Stack up to 50 levels
Junior Stacker Stack up to 70 levels
Senior Stacker Stack up to 100 levels Bronze Stacker Medal
Advanced Stacker Stack up to 150 levels
Grand Stacker Stack up to 200 levels
Master Stacker Stack up to 300 levels
Supreme Stacker Stack up to 500 levels Silver Stacker Medal
Ultimate Stacker Stack up to 1000 levels Gold Stacker Medal
Cubie Friend Use extra block 5x in one game
Cubie Hero Use extra block 30x in one game
Cubie God Use extra block 50x in one game
Chrono Savvy Use slow 15x in one game
Chrono Maniac Use slow 30x in one game
Chrono Master Use slow 50x in one game
Magnet Eater Use magnet 15x in one game
Magnet Wizard Use magnet 30x in one game
Magnet Master Use magnet 50x in one game
Spend 10 tokens in one game
Spend 30 tokens in one game
Spend 50 tokens in one game
Spend 100 tokens in one game
Spend 500 tickets
Spend 1000 tickets
Spend 3000 tickets
Spend 5000 tickets
Complete the cubie set collectibles
Complete the roasted chicken collectibles
Complete the kitties collectibles
Complete the tumble rally collectibles
Earn 100 tickets in one game
Earn 500 tickets in one game
Earn 1000 tickets in one game
Earn 5000 tickets in one game
Earn 10000 tickets in one game
Fancy buyer Buy 10 tokens
Big Spender Buy 100 tokens
High Roller Buy 1000 or more tokens



At each daily login, the player will be given 3-10 free tokens. These tokens will be used to continue their games when they run out of blocks to align. Each continue will generate another 3 blocks in a set starting with a set of Pink blocks to establish new starting point aside from the one that has been played before. Additional tokens can be bought in the shop or won from reward boxes within the game.

Types of tokens
Gold – This type of token does not expire. Can be bought from the shop or won from reward boxes.
Silver – This type is the ones obtained from daily logins. These tokens will expire after one day and does not accumulate.


Tickets are won every game. The number of tickets won will be based on how high the player gets. These tickets are used to purchase items from the shop. Tickets can also be bought via Google checkout or exchanged with Tapjoy points.


These are the prizes that can be won from the game: trophies, medals, collectibles, and in-game items.

In-Game Items

Slow – reduces speed of block movement back to starting speed

Extra block – replenishes one red block to the set. Max of 3 blocks per set.

Magnet – instantly stops entire block set upon aligning perfectly on lower blocks



This is the in-game shop where the players can redeem game items and goods using tickets. Tickets can be won from the game or bought via Google checkout.

Tab Item Description Price
In-Game Silver token Use to continue game upon game over. Expires in 1 day 100 tickets
Gold token Use to continue game upon game over. No expiry 200 tickets
Extra block Adds one red block to the set 40 tickets
Slow Reduces speed for one level 50 tickets
Magnet Aligns set safely to lower blocks 60 tickets
Premium 1x Mystery Box Contains a random prize $0.99
3x Mystery Box Contains a random prize $1.99
5x Mystery Box Contains a random prize $2.99
100 Tickets $0.99
220 Tickets 20 bonus $1.99
450 Tickets 50 bonus $3.99
1000 Tickets 200 bonus $7.99
2000 Tickets 500 bonus $14.99



CUBIES SET COLLECTIBLES Red cubie 200 tickets
Green cubie 200 tickets
Pink cubie 200 tickets
Purple cubie 200 tickets
Yellow cubie 200 tickets
Blue cubie 200 tickets
Grey cubie 300 tickets
FREE EM’ KITTIES COLLECTIBLES grey tabby kitty 250 tickets
black & white kitty 300 tickets
white & orange kitty 300 tickets
white & grey kitty 350 tickets
orange tabby 500 tickets
white kitty 500 tickets
black kitty 500 tickets
calico kitty 400 tickets
Zombie Roasted Chicken 400 tickets
Mummy Roasted Chicken 400 tickets
Boxer Roasted Chicken 500 tickets
Mad Roasted Chicken 500 tickets
Psycho Roasted Chicken 500 tickets
Blue Fuwacha 300 tickets
Green Fuwacha 300 tickets
Yellow Fuwacha 300 tickets
Pink Fuwacha 300 tickets
Spike the Porcupine 500 tickets
Armor-dillo 500 tickets
ASTRO LANDER COLLECTIBLE Astro Lander 001 1500 tickets


Multiplayer mode
Two Players will battle together to find out who can reach the highest stack.
This can be done real time or asynchronously. There will be a pool of online and offline players that can be challenged. The player can choose whether to find an opponent from Facebook, email, by user name, or random.

Players can purchase or update with these new themes for the levels.
New level themes like: forest, desert, Milky Way, fantasy, castles, etc.

More achievements

This is a collection of quick game ideas for a small scale mobile game particularly for Android.

I. Kitty pairs memory game

Classic pairs memory game featuring different cats. Early levels begins with 2 pairs and increases the difficulty as the levels go higher.

Consumable items could include:

Bomb – unfolds 1-3 pairs

New picture sets

II. City crosser

Similar to the classic frogger. Character crosses the street with various  vehicles. Each vehicle has different speed and occurrence. Goal is to successfully cross the street.

Consumable items could include:

Stop sign – immediately stops any approaching vehicles. Good for one level.

Roller blades – increases crossing speed temporarily. Good for one level.

Helmet – gives one extra chance to cross after being hit.

III. Bully breaker 3D

Similar to kick the boss & tom the talking cat. Simple Beat em` up game. A bully is asking for your allowance or lunch food, beat him up using everything in your bag. Bag contains different objects such as: pencils, crumpled paper, goo, etc. Throw it at the bully until he/she is knocked down. Player earn coins when bully is beaten. Coins will be used to buy items from the shop.

Items could include:

Unlockable bully

Unlockable items

Unlockable level

Possible features:

Customize your bully using device camera or uploading pictures from album.

IV. Infinity tower Stacker

Continuous tower-type stacker game. Climb as high as you can.

The blocks being played will move from left to right. The goal is to align the moving blocks to the blocks below. Unaligned blocks will fall down and reduces chance to fill up the tower. Speed increases as the level goes higher. Speed can be reduced temporarily by using the slow item or by reaching certain levels. Fallen blocks can be replenished by using extra blocks. Items can be earned through achieving goals (ex. Reaching certain height, levels, etc.) or by buying them in the shop. When all blocks are out, it’s game over. The player can continue his/her game by using tokens. Extra tokens can be earned in the game or bought in the shop.


Tokens – continue game after game over

Slow – reduces speed of block movement

Extra block – replenishes one block to the set. Max of 3 blocks per set.

Brag height achievement on FB or Twitter.

V. Save the crew

The ship is sinking and there are no lifeboats left! Sharks and other deadly things infests the water. Save the crew by shooting them through the cannons all the way to the land before the ship sinks. Number of crews required to be saved increases as the game progresses. Gain extra points by getting through loops and getting coins while airborne. Obstacles like birds, poles, and tornadoes may appear as well.

VI. Cryptex Master

A killer is at large. This killer uses cryptexes to hide his secret. Solve the cryptexes to unfold the mystery. This is a simple logic game about deciphering a cryptex and revealing what’s inside. The goal is to solve the cryptex puzzle in time. There will be clues about the cryptex code. There’s hundreds of cryptexes to decipher. The faster you solve the puzzle, the higher the points. The cryptex difficulty increases as the game progresses.

VII. Teks Card Master

Teks is a classic filipino children card game where it is played by two to four participants. Each player will have a main card to be played. Each main cards are collected by the playing participant to be played. The players will bet a number of cards in their hands. The playing participant will flicker the cards in the air (3 for a 2-3 player game, 4 for a 4-player game). The winner will be determined by the one card that is faced differently on the other side. (one card faces down while others are faced up). This game is also a card collecting game. The player will play against NPCs who owns rare card designs. This is mainly a luck + skill game.

Flickering the cards
There will be different factors that affects the cards being played:

Spy – checks all the cards in an opponent’s hand
Mind Control – forces another player to bet a specific card
Telekinesis – increases chance of success for one round
Intimidate – makes another player to decrease bet
Trick – makes another player to increase bet

VIII. Hit the apple

This a game similar to Apply Shooter.
You are an archer. There will be a man with an apple on his head standing on the other side of the screen. You will have to shoot the apple on his head. Miss and you can kill him. The distance between you and the target increases little by little as the game progresses. The range of your shot is determined by a strength gauge. You can also set the trajectory higher or lower.

IX. Ant Bite
Ants are attacking your table to take your food. Kill ants by quickly tapping on them. You can use temporary repellants like chalk to repel a couple of ants for a short time. Some ants are bigger and tougher to kill. It takes two or more taps for them to die. There will be a meter where it measures the ant infestation level. When the meter reaches maximum, its game over. Infestation is determined by the number of ants in the screen. Each new level, there will be a new ant type and new goals. There will be gold ants that carries gold. Gold can be used to buy more chalk and repellants.

X. Piggy defense

The goal is to survive wolfies’ attack until he gives up. Defend the house against the big bad wolf. Reinforce and maintain the house’s defense against the wolf’s attacks. The wolf will be using different tactics to bring the house down. Each time the big bad wolf attacks the house, it will get damaged and if a wall breaks down, its game over. The house will be divided into three floors. Each floor will have its own wall. The walls are vulnerable depending on what the wolf uses to attack. The wolf will be using ‘wolf blow’, sling shots, rocket launcher, and bulldozer to attack. Each weapon he uses will affect a certain material of the wall. (ex. Wolf uses wolf blow to destroy a wooden wall, Wolf uses rocket launcher to destroy stone wall, etc.) Before each attack, you can reinforce the walls by using materials from your resources. Resources such as wood, stone, and iron can be acquired by gathering them. Acquire wood from logging, stone from quarrying, and iron from mining. Each resource takes time to acquire. At first, only one pig can gather resources and more pigs will come as the game progresses. Wolfie will have a stamina meter. When the meter runs out, wolfie will give up, and the level is cleared. Each new level, wolfie will have new weapons to use, and his stamina will increase as well.

XI. Stop and Go

Your character will be continuously walking/running across the busy streets of the city. Guide him when to stop and go. There will be obstacles such as fast moving vehicles, lakes, bridges that opens up for boats below, crossing old ladies, stampedes, etc. This is a simple touch and release game. Touch the screen to make the character pause or stop moving, release to make him move again. Each level will introduce new obstacles and challenges. It will take a good timing and anticipation as well as following directions to make it to the finish. The character will have a life bar. The life bar decreases as he hits an obstacle. When the life bar becomes empty, its game over.

Guess this Tune

Platform: Android / iOS


High Concept           
Casual music memory and guessing game like a combination of draw something and name that tune

Game Description
This is an online music guessing game similar to the idea of draw something but using sounds. Remember the old school tone composition on old mobile phone models? Using a piano keyboard, the player will emulate a tune assigned by the server and send it to another player to be guessed. The other player will then listen and guess its title to earn points.

Target Demographic
General Audience

Key Selling Points

  • This is a unique game that uses interactive music and sounds
  • Gameplay is easy to grasp
  • Brings out the musical creativity from everyone
  • High fun factor for players on the go
  • Familiar game style of word guessing plus musical integration
  • Features all popular songs today

Free & Full Versions
Free version
There will be ads in this version and with limited songs.

Full version
There will be no more ads in the full version plus a bonus of 3000 gold stars & 1000 new songs.

Competitive Titles
None so far

Why Make this game?
Guessing games has been a very popular genre. Games like text twist and draw something has been generally successful all over the world. Draw something uses illustrations to be guessed, this game will be using sounds and tones. Music has been a widely used tool for many games and activities world-wide, and adding an online multiplayer interactivity would definitely break through the market.

There are two types of gameplay: Guessing & Creating tunes.

Players can play online asynchronously and can play with a Facebook friend, an email contact, a specific user, or a random player.
Both players will earn gold stars each time they guess the tunes correctly. Gold Stars are used to purchase goods in the shop such as extra note, effects, new songs, etc.

Create a Tune
This is where players will create a tune based on the server’s assigned titles for other players to guess.

To create a tune, the player will choose a partner to play with. He can browse other players from Facebook, email, user name, or randomly.
When a partner has been chosen, the player can now choose a song or tune to create for his/her partner to guess.
Upon creating a tune, the player will get three choices that are randomly generated. Each item will have a specific difficulty and gold star reward.


easy                 ABC                1 gold star

medium           Thriller             3 gold stars

hard                 Poker face      5 gold stars

When the player had selected a tune to create, it will be sent to the other player to guess.
There is no expiry or time limit on guessing or creating tunes.
The player will now create the tune based on the title selected.

I. Create a tune

  • There will be a piano keyboard and a couple of adjustment buttons for the player to use. (See image below).
  • There will be a certain note limit for the tunes being created. 30 will be the default maximum note slots that are available. The player can buy more note slots in the shop.
  • There will also be a ‘sustain’ and ‘hold’ buttons. Sustaining adds 1 second for one note slot.
  • Holding will give a pause on the tune for one second for one note slot.
  • There will also be effects that the player can use.  Effects can be bought in the shop.
  • There will also be pitch & tempo control. The player can adjust the pitch or tempo higher & lower for each note.
  • There will be control buttons such as: Delete Tune, Undo last tune, Pause, and Play Sample.
  • There will also be a ‘need help’ button available. This will give the player a hint on the tune he/she is making. More tune hints can be bought in the shop.
  • A help /tutorial button (?)will also be available. This will display the game tutorial in the screen.
  • When the player is done with the tune and ready to send it to the other player, he/she can touch the ‘GO’ button.

II. Guessing a tune

  • The goal is to guess the correct song title of the tune.
  • You can listen to the tune over and over again.
  • There’s a rewind button and a play / pause button as well.
  • There will be a randomized selection of letters and a blank letter boxes. The number of blank boxes will vary depending on the title of the tune being guessed.
  • Use the ‘clear’ button to remove all the letters in the answer box.
  • Use the ‘shuffle’ button to shuffle the letters in the letter box. Alternatively, you can shake the device to shuffle the letters in the letter box.
  • Use the ‘letter bomb’ button to remove letters that does not belong to the answer. By default, there are only 5 letter bombs that the player can use, though you can buy more from the store.
  • You can ‘PASS’ if you cannot guess the tune. Passing will break your game streak and won’t earn you and the other player any points.
  • When the title has been guessed correctly, both players will earn the corresponding points of the title.
  • The next turn will be on the player who guessed the tune. This time, he/she will be making the tune for the other player to guess.
  • Each correct guess will accumulate into streaks. Each streak gives out bonus points to both players. The higher the streak, the more bonus points both players get.

Control system
General controls: Tap, Swipe, & Drag.
Special controls: Shake device to shuffle letters.


Visual Style
3D for the piano buttons & 2D for the HUD / UI

Virtual Goods

  • Gold Stars – this is used to purchase goods from the shop
  • Effects – audio effects for the tunes (distortion, guitar effect, drum effect, bamboo, space effect, orchestra, etc.)
  • Note slot – adds one note slot on each upgrade
  • New song – re-shuffles the choices of songs / tunes to make
  • Visualisations – animated / static background and audio wave bar
  • Letter bombs – discards letters that doesn’t belong to the correct word

Copyright and Licensing
Song titles
Song titles are not covered by any copyright law. Song titles are free to use without any royalty as long as no lyric is used.

Song samples

Champion runner


High Concept

A high intensity, fast-paced, and interactive running game packed with real-life mechanics & fun.

Game Overview

Game description

You start as an amateur runner who wanted to become a champion. Your personal running coach will be teaching you the basics of the game. You will have physical attributes that will determine your performance during the run. These attributes are monitored by meters within the game.  These are the essential attributes in the game: Air, Endurance, Water and Energy. There are also other attributes such as injuries, power ups, and gear.

There are different game modes such as: Solo Run, Sprint, Time Challenge, Fun Run, & Olympics. You can also customize your runner avatar’s appearance, and gear.

When the race / run starts, the avatar will be moving forward automatically on a jog speed. The player can use the sprint button to go faster. Going faster consumes more air, water, and stamina. Resting eventually by slowing down recovers air and stamina. Drinking recovers water. When the player runs out of stamina, the runner will stop and pant for a few seconds. There will be goals each game that the player must accomplish in order to win.

Core Gameplay

Core Loop

Train > Run > Prize > Train

Training enhances the runner’s stats by leveling up [endurance, speed, lungs]. The runner can now participate on different running activities. Each run finished earns the runner prizes [money, items, exp]. After the prize, the player goes back home for more training.


The game will be using the portrait orientation of the device.

Control system

The game will have a Run button available.

Target Demographic

Casual Gamers

Character and visual style

Characters, props, and tracks will be in 3D. Icons, UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods

Avatar – There are several pre-made avatars that the player can choose and customize.

Gear – These are shoes, shirts, pants and accessories for the avatar.

Consumables – These are one-time use items such as:

Energy Drinks – Recovers Water fully

Oxygen – Recovers Air instantly

Extra Stamina – Recovers Stamina fully

Energy Pack – Recovers air, water, and stamina instantly

Dash Power Up – Increases speed by 50% for one game

Boosters – temporarily increases runner stats for one or more games.

Key Selling Points

  • This is the first running race game for android.
  • Many game modes to choose from, whether a quick 100m sprint or a full length marathon.
  • Players can customize their avatars and improve their stats as they progress in the game.
  • Simple mechanics, non-complicated features
  • Plenty of Fun and exciting challenges
  • Promotes good health activities
  • Push notifications allow players to post their progress and brag them over their friends
  • Players can race with their friends in the time challenge.
  • Players can use music on their devices as background music.


There will be a trial version for the game where there will be active advertisements in-between games. There will also be some features that will be restricted or locked.

Full version will have no ads, and all features will be unlocked.

Players can buy gears, consumables, and avatars, from the in-app store whether they are using Trial or Full versions.

Competitive Titles

None. This will be the first 3D Running Race game in the android.

Why Make this game?

There hasn’t been any other game similar to this. Aside from this being the pioneer in this kind of genre in mobile gaming, there are plenty of possibilities and potential on product sales and micro sales. The resources available will also make the production easier and less costly. Casual gamers will find this interesting, easy, and encouraging.

Beat the roaches

Platform: Android

High Concept           
Fast paced point, tap, and swipe food strategy & defense game

Game Overview
Game description
Its dinner time but the roaches are coming. The roaches mean to take all of your food. Defend your food in the table against them. The roaches will come from all over the table. They either crawl or fly. Swat them away from the table by swiping across them into a corner of the table. Smashing them leaves their filth in the table and increases bacterial infection that contaminates the food. Use items to trap or kill roaches faster.


Core Gameplay
The food / dish in the table will be swarmed with cockroaches from different directions of the screen.

Defense Set up
There will be a 20-second set up time for the player to lay traps and prepare against the attacking roaches. Each trap laid will have a specific cool down timer before it can be laid again.

Swat the roaches away by swiping them into the opposite direction.  You can also smash the roaches by tapping them. Smashing leaves their filth in the table and eventually contaminates the food. Remove the filth by swiping them away.
Roaches attack in waves. Use the setup time well to effectively repel their attack.
If the roaches reached the dish, it’s Game Over.

There are items that you can use to beat the roaches:

Bug Spray – kills roaches over time but leaves the body in the table. 10 second cool down
Electric Swatter – swats away flying roaches. 5 second cool down
Ultra Sonic – for 5 seconds, all roaches that comes to the table dies. 90 second cool down.

Poison Chalk – draws a line in the table. Roaches that cross the line will slow down and die. The line fades as a roach walks through it.
Sticky Trap – roaches that steps on this trap cannot move for 10 seconds. The trap fades when stepped into.
Zapper – a hanging electrical net. Instantly kills flying roaches. Gets busted after 3 kills.
Roach balls – small poison balls that make the roach that gets close to it dizzy & slow for 10 seconds
Blue light – flying roaches gets distracted by this for 10 seconds. Shuts down after 30 seconds.
Poison food – a poisoned food piece that instantly kills a roach when eaten.
Pest Control – instantly kills roaches that steps on this trap. Good for 10 seconds.

These items temporarily blocks incoming roaches. Though eventually, these barricades will be destroyed by roaches. Placing barricades in the area would cost gold and will have specific durabilities depending on the type.
Here are the types of barricades that can be used in the game:
Paper barricade – cheap and easy to make but easily destroyed. Does not block flying roaches
Net – effective and slightly durable but a bit costly. Blocks crawling and flying roaches.

There will be different types of cockroaches, each with different quality and stats
Commoner      – A common roach, balanced speed and defense
Tough Roach              – A defensive roach. High defense, low speed. Immune to bug spray & poison chalk.
The Sprinter    – A very fast roach with high speed and low defense.
Small Roaches   – They are very small roaches. Has high speed but very low defense.
Breeder                       – Lays 2-3 eggs during swarm. Has low speed, & low defense. The hatched eggs spawn a small roach.
Albino                          – Rare white cockroach. This drops items when smashed. Has a very high speed.
Flying Roach               – These are airborne roaches. Has medium speed. Poison chalk doesn’t affect this type.
Green Roach              – This type is can also fly. They’re also immune to bug spray.
Death Head     – A very strong roach. Ignores all insecticides & traps. Has medium speed and very high defense.

Game Modes
Quick play – plays a random level with only the basic un-upgraded weapons & traps
Adventure – progressive levels and challenges with storyline and rewards. Unlocks certain weapons, traps, & upgrades.
Survival – endless progressive levels and challenges with better rewards using weapons & traps acquired from the adventure mode or bought in the store.

Control system
Swatting – swipe across the target to swat
Smashing – tap the target once, twice, or more to smash
Lay Trap – select a trap to use and place it on the table by tapping the area you where want it
Use item – select an item to use. Tap or tap & hold on the target.
Target Demographic
Casual gamers, young or adult, male or female of any race or nationality
Character and visual style
Assets and levels will be in cartoony style of 3D. UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
Weapons – used to repel roaches. Can be bought and upgraded in the item shop.
Traps – used to slow down or kill roaches. Can be bought and upgraded in the item shop.
Gold – currency in the game. Used in the shop to buy upgrades, items, power ups, etc.

Key Selling Points
·         Its fast-paced gameplay leads to high fun factor
·         Players will use strategy to defend their meal against roaches
·         Has a unique type of defense and strategy gameplay
·         Plenty of collectibles and items found in the game

There will be a free and full version of the game.

Free Version
Players can access Quick Play mode & up to 1 levels in the adventure mode. Further levels will be locked as well as the survival mode. Weapons & traps can still be upgraded or bought but not those that are not unlocked in the adventure mode.

Full Version
Players can access all game modes and levels in the adventure mode. This also includes 10000 gold as a bonus and a premium item.

Competitive Titles
These titles are a bit similar in terms of gameplay, mechanics, and visual style: Plants vs. Zombies, Ancient War. Cockroach dream

Why Make this game?
Strategy & tower defense games have been well introduced through almost every type of player including female casual players. (ex. Plants vs. Zombies) This type of game is perfect for players on the go and even for first time players. There have been plenty of successful games in this genre that each of them had the same idea with just little twists. Introducing a new feature on a familiar type of gameplay would deliver better experience for players that want to see something different. There’s plenty of potential for in-game sales and with a good character design, they might just hit it big time on novelty products & toys in the future as well.

Survive the Outbreak

Platform: Android / iOS

High Concept           
Sneak, hide, and run! Zombie escape strategy & puzzle game.

Game Overview
Game description
Zombies and other foul undead creatures now roam the land. Only a few survivors remain alive and barely surviving each day as food became scarcer and hope grows thinner. The group of survivors needs to stay alive by getting provisions around the city. However, zombies are roaming the streets day and night. Ammunition is also down to zero and the only way to get the provisions is to sneak past the zombies unnoticed.
This isn’t a zombie shooting frenzy like most others. This is a strategy based, puzzle filled zombie escape game. The game is composed of several missions and tasks such as supplies & parts retrieval, rescue, escape, mysteries, puzzles, and more.

Core Gameplay

There will be a survivor assigned with a specific task. This task will take place on certain parts of the city. There will plenty of zombies lurking around the city. Zombies walk through paths back and forth or in circles around an area.


Zombies don’t just sense by seeing, they also have a strong sense of smell too.  Each zombie type will have certain radial area of sight where they can sense an approaching human. If the player gets inside the detection level of a zombie, the zombie will chase the player. If the zombie reaches the player, it’s Game Over.


Level Design
Each level will have specific goals. Most goals require the player to return to the base with the goods or items required. The level will begin small during the early part of the game and will reveal other areas as the game progresses.

Each new mission unlocks a new area on the city, and each new area gives a more difficult challenge, and may include the one you’ve previously accomplished. Each new area unlocked will also reveal new items, skills, and more.






There are 3 types of survivors in the game. Each has a unique skill set that can accomplish certain tasks in the game. You can choose any survivor before the start of each mission. Certain areas of the city can be unlocked when a certain survivor is used.

These are the survivor types and their characteristics:

Sandy Sandy is a former track star. She can run fast and can sneak better because of her small size though that makes her more vulnerable to damage. SPD – 5
LIF – 2
VIS – 3
STA – 4
Pick lock
Alex Alex can repair doors, engines, and almost anything else. His super powered eye sight gives him better vision than the others making it easy to detect any enemies nearby. SPD – 3
LIF – 3
VIS – 5
STA –3
Joe Joe is big, strong, and tough. He can withstand more attacks and lift or push heavy object than the other but his size makes him slower. SPD – 2
LIF – 7
VIS – 2
STA –3

Each survivor will have attributes such as: Life, Speed, Stamina, Vision, and Skill. Life is the vitality of a survivor, if the life is depleted, the survivor is dead… game over. Speed refers to the running speed of the player; Stamina is used for running or pushing; Vision refers to the field of view of the player; and Skill refers to the special ability of a survivor. Each survivor will have certain upgradable skill sets that can be used to accomplish certain tasks.

Control system
A D-Pad will be used for navigation. A run and skill button will also be available. Reaction buttons will appear when the player gets contact with an event object.

Target Demographic
-Casual to hardcore gamers 11 above. Contains mild to moderate violence and gore

Character and visual style
Assets and levels will be in 3D. UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
Cash – used to upgrade survivors’ attributes
Equipment – armours & accessories that give certain attribute effect or boost
Energy Drink – recovers stamina
Speed plus – temporarily increases maximum speed
Stamina plus – temporarily increases maximum stamina
Life plus – temporarily increases maximum life
Vision plus – temporarily increases vision
Speed max up – permanently increases maximum speed by 1 level
Stamina max up – permanently increases maximum stamina by 1 level
Vision max up – permanently increases maximum vision by 1 level
Life max up – permanently increases maximum speed by 1 level
Skill level up – increases a skill level by 1

Key Selling Points
·         Increasing challenges per level
·         Players can make their own strategies to accomplish missions
·         Different types of survivors with different capabilities, skills, and attributes

Free version will have ads every after game and will have some locked contents like the survival mode. The Full version will have no ads, and will unlock all features plus a free special package containing 1 of each max up items.

Competitive Titles
No similar games so far

Why Make this game?
The zombie trend is still hot. This game is not the same as other zombie games which involve shooting and brutality. This is a strategy-based game where players will have to wisely plan their moves to avoid the zombies and survive.


Platform: Android / iOS

High Concept                                   
Interactive creature raising game packed with awesome character designs and engaging story as well as easy-to-grasp gameplay and battle system.

Game Overview
Game description
A creeture is an animal-like creature inhabiting the wilds of a certain region in the planet. Creetures can be tamed and bred by humans and be used on various activities and work. There are hundreds of different species that the player can interact, fight, breed, and collect. Each creeture will have unique abilities and characteristics. Players can breed them to create another type of creetures. These creetures can be used for duels, shows, and contests or just as pets. The player will play as a new owner of a creeture egg. The player will have to take care and train the creeture until it’s fully grown and capable for battle. The game is story-based and continuous.

3rd Person Camera

Game structure
[Feed, Train, Breed, Friends] – [Duel, Tournaments, Contests, Show] – [Shop, Home]

Core Gameplay
Core Loop
Egg > Raise > [Pet / Battle / Contest] > Breed > Egg
The player will raise, train, and breed their creetures. The player can have up to four active creetures in the base. Each creeture will have specific traits, family tree, and breeding compatibility. When a certain creeture breeds with another type, there will be a new creeture given to the player to raise, train, and breed.

Control system
Everything will be touch-based plus the use of Gyroscope & Voice recognition

Target Demographic
Casual to semi-hardcore gamers, young or adult, male or female of any race or nationality
Character and visual style
The characters and levels will be in 2D or pre-rendered 3D, while the UI & HUD will be in 2D

Virtual Goods
Food – there are different types of food. Each type adds up to an attribute of the creeture. Players can get food each day sufficient for simple daily activities. More food will be required if creetures grows bigger and used in battles. Additional food can either be earned from adventures, or bough in the In-App store.
Items – these are consumable goods used for recovery, enhancement, training, breeding, etc.
Eggs – creature eggs can either be bred within the game or bought in the In-App Store
Habitats – these are required to accommodate certain types of creetures. Habitats are house upgrades and bought using in-game cash or premium currency.
Currencies – there are two types of currencies in the game: the local currency (Gold), and the premium currency (Rubies).  Local currencies can be used to buy basic in-game items, basic creature eggs, and basic base upgrades.

Key Selling Points

·         There are several types of creetures in the game to discover.
·         Each creeture have different characteristics, stats, skills, attributes, and powers
·         The players can use push notifications to publish their creatures or progress on their social networking sites
·         Players can duel with other players asynchronously.
·         There will be a global ranking for all players
·         There will be new creetures to be released on certain occasions or events
·         There are many possibilities on breeding and battles that players can try to formulate by themselves
·         Players can just click and wait for certain tasks to be finished and does not require massive amount of time spent
·         Players can visit their friends and trade items, eggs, socialize, or duel.

The game can be played on trial play with certain limits and restrictions such as 30-day trials. The trial version will also have advertisements.
The paid version will have no ads, and with most features unlocked. Additional features such as downloadable contents, premium currencies, event items, etc. can be purchased using real money.

Competitive Titles
Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Digimon, Pet Society, Tamagochi, Pocket Creatures, Touch Pets

Why Make this game?
This type of game trend started back in the mid 90’s and has bloomed in the early 2000’s starting with the classic ’Tamagochi’ device. There were several limitations back then and it became more popular when it came to handheld consoles such as GB and NDS. Using today’s technology and portability in a common device type, this kind of game will now be able to cater to a wider market and re-introduce itself to the long lost fan-base of cute monsters like Pokemon and MR. More casual players can now enjoy having their own virtual pets on their android devices and will have the freedom to choose either to use them in battles, or just as pets to brag with their friends.

Fantasy Kart racing

Platform: Android / iOS

High Concept           
Cute fantasy kart race game filled with plenty of characters with unique skills, powers, and karts.

Game Overview
Game description
Each character will also have a unique story and mounts. All the characters can be leveled up, upgraded and enhanced. The players can also race against their friend asynchronously. The game will be composed of three types of game modes: Quick Race, Story, and Play with friends. Quick Race allows the player to play a random character in a random track. In the story mode, the player can choose any character to play. Each character will have a unique skill, kart, story, and ending.

3rd Person view from an upward angle behind the character

Game structure
Quick Race; Story [Choose Character]; Practice; Play with friends.

Core Gameplay
Core Loop
Home > Set Up > Race > Reward > Home
Each race starts with the player setting up his/her kart; customize parts, and choosing a power-up. There will be mystery items that the players can pick up within the race. Mystery items could either be a random power up or a trap. Traps either slow or stop the player(s) for a time. Power ups can either boost the speed or launch protective barriers, or even launch an offensive skill.  Each race can have a minimum of two and a maximum of six riders depending on the track or story.

Race with friend
Players can have a one on one race with their friends. The player sends a challenge to their friend by racing a certain track and sending the time result. The other player can accept or waive a challenge. If the other player accepts the challenge, he/she must beat the score or time that the challenging player has.

Control system
The players can choose to use the virtual pad or the Gyroscope for maneuvering. There will be a skill button in the screen as well.

Target Demographic
Casual gamers, race fans, young or adult, male or female of any race or nationality

Character and visual style
Assets and levels will be in 3D. UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
Characters – there are several characters to choose from. Some are unlockable by achievement, and some are unlockable by in-app purchase.
Karts – players can buy new kart models for all characters. These karts can also be enhanced, upgraded, and customized.
Upgrades – these are upgrade items such as: [wheels, rims, tires, hood, bumpers, etc]
Power Ups – these are usable during races, each power up gives certain effect on the rider [ex. Speed up, steer up, auto stir, etc.]
Money – this is the in-game currency used to purchase items.

Key Selling Points
·         There are many characters to choose from. Each has a unique story, skill, and cars.
·         The karts can be customized for all the characters.
·         Players can race with their friends even if they are not online at the same time.
·         There are plenty of parts, upgrades, and strategies that the players can combine in a race.
·         Each track will have a unique terrain type and challenge.
·         There will be new updates every time for new parts, cars, tracks, and characters
·         Plenty of goals and trophies to achieve

The players can buy more in-game money, parts, items, upgrades, power ups, unlock characters instantly, and unlock tracks within the in-app store. There will also be free or purchasable DLC such as new parts, new cars, new tracks, and new characters.

Competitive Titles
Kartrider, Shrek kart racing, traffic rush, racing live, krazy kart racing, tiki kart 3d

Why Make this game?
Kart racing has been a very popular genre to almost every type of demographic. There also have been several variations and ideas for a good kart game. Using unity, this game can have more functions for the android such as enhanced physics, better models, lighting, etc. The production can be easier. Models can be re-used, and modified using different textures only, saving time and resources on production.  The game can also sell better with in-app purchases in-game advertisements as well.

Big Two Championship

Platform: Android / iOS

High Concept           
Vegas style fantasy high rolling Big Two game packed with various gaming locations, AI players, and plenty of challenges.

Game Overview
Game description

Big Two has become the world’s most popular game. It was so popular, that it becomes an international sport. This is a world-wide Big Two challenge with a Vegas-like setting and style. There will be several locations with unique local players, prizes, rules, and challenges. Aside from bank chips / cash, there will be other rewards for each game won. These rewards are collectibles, cards, and other items. Players can also play with their friends or any players around the globe in an asynchronous type of play. Players can join or play more than one table during online play. There will also be a number of available and unlockable Avatars that the players can use.

There are different modes in the game:

Quick Game – plays a quick game with random opponents. No cash required and earned.

Career – A progressing game mode where players battle different players from different locations. Player can earn cash and rewards as well as achievements, medals, and unlockables in this mode.

Online – The player can play one on one with a friend or with any other player asynchronously. In this mode, the player can create or join a game. Cash can be won or lost during online play.


There will be several challenges in the game. These challenges are not required to move on. Completing these challenges will earn the player medals, trophies, rewards, cash, and even items.

Ex. Fastest Draw, Highest card, highest combination, etc.

A tutorial feature will be available for those who are not familiar with Big Two.
Core Gameplay
The game will be using the landscape orientation of the device.

Control system
Touch, Tap, and Drag will be the key controls for the game.

Target Demographic
Casual Gamers

Character and visual style
Cards, Assets and levels will be in 3D. Icons, UI & HUD will be in 2D.

Virtual Goods
In-Game Items – These are items that affect gameplay.
Spy Card – takes a look at any card from an opponent’s hand.
Revelation – reveals an opponent’s hand
Reshuffle – reshuffles the deck to draw new set of cards
Increase Timer – increases time by 2x, 4x, or 5x per turn.
Card Swap – Swap a card from your hand to any card from any opponent’s hand.
Manipulate – Controls an opponent’s turn, making him pass or play a card.
Food & Drinks – These are displayed beside the character avatar and consumed after each game.
Collectibles – These are Items that comes in a set. Each set can either be converted to a rarer item or sold.                 Collectibles are acquired randomly upon winning a game on a specific game location.
Customizations – These are customizable stuffs within the game such as Card Designs, Player Avatars, Tables, Background Music, etc.
Cash – This is the in-game currency. This can either be earned through winning, or bought using real money.

Key Selling Points
·         Single player mode will have a variety of AI players with a different personality and style.
·         There will be a story behind the games and the AI players that can be revealed through playing.
·         Plenty of challenges to accomplish for every location.
·         Cute and cool looking characters with unique stories and personalities.
·         Players can play with others around the world.
·         High Fun Factor

There will be a Free and Full version for this game.  The free version will allow the player to play the Quick Game mode and two levels in the career mode. To unlock the other features of the game will require them to purchase the full version. Players running the free and full versions of the game can access the item store where they can buy items using cash.

Competitive Titles
Big Two Poker, Big Big Big 2, Ultimate Big 2, Net Big 2

Why Make this game?
There have been many Big Two games for mobile where all have almost the same feel and approach. This game will put many twists to the Big Two game and will be having plenty of add-ons and features for the players to enjoy. This is not just a simple card game; this is a card game with a twist.