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Infinity Tower Stacker

How high can you get?


Game Description

This is a continuous tower-type stacker game. Climb as high as you can. Earn tickets based on how high you stacked your blocks and redeem prizes.

Target demographic

General audience

Replay Value

Players will be having a different gaming experience each game. Aside from beating their own records, there are plenty of possibilities that they could encounter within each new game such as acquiring different items, achievements, and experience. Each game will also earn the player tickets for which they could use to buy virtual goods from the store.

Long Term Motivation

Aside from earning tickets and winning all achievements, each player will be entitled to join the global leaderboard to determine who have reached the highest peak. Each new height is an achievement as well as achieving certain goals in the game.

Key selling points

  • Simple gameplay
  • Arcade style fun
  • Plenty of rewards
  • High replay value

Free and Full versions

Free Version

  • There will be ads every 10 levels finished, every game over, before game start, and in the title screen.
  • The player can only stack up to level 60.
  • There will be no ads in the game.
  • The player can stack endlessly.
  • Multiplayer mode enabled (for future development)

Full Version

  • There will be no ads in the game.
  • The player can stack endlessly.
  • Multiplayer mode enabled (for future development)



The arcade mode will emulate some functions of traditional arcade machines such as tokens, tickets, and rewards. The mechanics however will be expanded widely as this game will be catering on a bigger scale of audience.

General Mechanic

Time the set of blocks carefully and when it aligns to the blocks below, quickly hit STOP.
There will be different blocks in the game. The red block will be the generic block to be played. Other blocks (special blocks) appears on certain heights and replaces the outer block or fills an empty block if there is less than 3 blocks left in the set.


Normally, Red Blocks are the ones being used to stack up the tower but there are other blocks in the neighborhood. The other blocks will spawn randomly from a ‘mystery block’ when a specific height is reached. Each block has specific properties that will be helpful or a pain for the player.

  • Pink block – does not fall down even without a block below, also used on continuing a game to make a new starting point
  • Green block – slows down entire set by 20
  • Blue block – slows down entire set by 50
  • Yellow block – sticks for .5 seconds on the edges before moving again
  • Purple block – slows down entire set by 20, sticks for .5 seconds on the edges before moving again
  • Grey block – instantly increases speed by 20 – 50. Does not exceed max speed of 100

*The effects of the blocks do not accumulate on the next height level. When the set with a special block has been landed, the next set will retain the environment speed.

Block Behaviors

The blocks will have different behaviors depending on what’s happening in the game. Each behavior will display different reaction and animation for the blocks.

State Trigger Image
Normal Neutral state (while moving)  
Follow look Planted blocks looking at the moving blocks (not applicable to grey blocks)  
Cheer 1 Planted Red blocks cheering for the moving blocks above shouting ‘Yey!’ every second  
Anticipation Planted blocks reaction when the moving blocks align with the lower blocks.
Fall reaction Planted blocks reaction when a moving block falls down.  
Cheer 2 Planted blocks reaction when the moving block has landed. Blocks shout ‘whoo!’ together.  
Falling Falling block reaction  

Using In-Game Items


‘Slow’ will reset the current speed back into the starting speed. The speed will again increase in the next height level.

Extra Block

Instantly adds one red block on the set. There’s a maximum of 3 blocks per set.


Safely aligns the entire set parallel to the previous level securing a perfect alignment.


Mystery boxes


Mystery boxes will appear in the screen on certain events. The player will have to tap it for it to be activated. Activating the mystery box will give the player a random bonus item.


  • Every 15th, 25th, and 50th perfect streaks
  • Reaching certain levels such as: 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150
  • Item use
Item Chance %
10 silver tokens 70
30 silver tokens 50
50 silver tokens 10
1 gold token 50
10 gold tokens 20
20 gold tokens 10
30 gold tokens 8
50 gold tokens 2
100 tickets 20
200 tickets 15
300 tickets 8
500 tickets 2
3 extra blocks 60
5 extra blocks 40
10 extra blocks 20
3 slows 60
5 slows 40
10 slows 20
3 magnets 50
5 magnets 30
10 magnets 10
Special Block 80
Premium item 2

Special blocks


Special blocks appear upon reaching certain levels or by using a special block item. The player will have to tap on it for it to be activated. Activating a special block will add a random block or replace one block in the set.


  • Every 10 levels
  • Item use


  • The blocks being played will move from left to right. The goal is to align the moving blocks to the blocks below. The players can go as high as they can. The player will start from the ground level and all the way up to the sky and even into outer space.
  • Unaligned red blocks will fall down and reduces chance to fill up the tower. Speed increases as the level goes higher. Speed can be reduced temporarily by using the slow item, acquiring special blocks, or by reaching certain levels. Fallen blocks can be replenished by using an extra block.
  • When the last remaining block is unaligned, it’s game over. The player can continue his/her game by using tokens. Extra tokens can be earned in the game or bought in the shop.
  • Every 10-30 level of blocks stacked, a reward box is earned. Reward boxes contain random items such as in-game items, tokens, collectibles, and other prizes.

High scores & Leaderboard

Aside from the achievements, there will also be an online leaderboard to see which players have reached the highest peak.

Speed increase

The initial speed of the moving blocks will start from 10 and will increase as the level progresses. The maximum speed is 100.

This is the speed table for the moving blocks starting with the slowest.

Speed Table

From the starting point 10
After Next 2 levels 20
After Next 3 levels 30
After Next 3 levels 50
After Next 3 levels 70
After Next 3 levels 90

So from the starting point, the block speed is only set to 10. Then after 2 levels (which now puts us to level 3), the speed increase will be 10. Then after 3 more levels (now at level 6), the speed increase will be 30, by level 9 the speed increase goes to 50, by level 12 it goes up to 70, and by level 15 it goes to the maximum speed increase which is 100. The speed increase will be determined on which level it began. After 20 levels, the speed increase will go back to 10 and then gradually increases again.



There will be plenty of achievements in the game. These achievements will be based on performance, luck, purchases, and activities of the player within the game.


These are the achievements in the game and their conditions

Achievement Condition Reward
Wannabe Stacker Stack up to 20 levels
Stacker’s apprentice Stack up to 50 levels
Junior Stacker Stack up to 70 levels
Senior Stacker Stack up to 100 levels Bronze Stacker Medal
Advanced Stacker Stack up to 150 levels
Grand Stacker Stack up to 200 levels
Master Stacker Stack up to 300 levels
Supreme Stacker Stack up to 500 levels Silver Stacker Medal
Ultimate Stacker Stack up to 1000 levels Gold Stacker Medal
Cubie Friend Use extra block 5x in one game
Cubie Hero Use extra block 30x in one game
Cubie God Use extra block 50x in one game
Chrono Savvy Use slow 15x in one game
Chrono Maniac Use slow 30x in one game
Chrono Master Use slow 50x in one game
Magnet Eater Use magnet 15x in one game
Magnet Wizard Use magnet 30x in one game
Magnet Master Use magnet 50x in one game
Spend 10 tokens in one game
Spend 30 tokens in one game
Spend 50 tokens in one game
Spend 100 tokens in one game
Spend 500 tickets
Spend 1000 tickets
Spend 3000 tickets
Spend 5000 tickets
Complete the cubie set collectibles
Complete the roasted chicken collectibles
Complete the kitties collectibles
Complete the tumble rally collectibles
Earn 100 tickets in one game
Earn 500 tickets in one game
Earn 1000 tickets in one game
Earn 5000 tickets in one game
Earn 10000 tickets in one game
Fancy buyer Buy 10 tokens
Big Spender Buy 100 tokens
High Roller Buy 1000 or more tokens



At each daily login, the player will be given 3-10 free tokens. These tokens will be used to continue their games when they run out of blocks to align. Each continue will generate another 3 blocks in a set starting with a set of Pink blocks to establish new starting point aside from the one that has been played before. Additional tokens can be bought in the shop or won from reward boxes within the game.

Types of tokens
Gold – This type of token does not expire. Can be bought from the shop or won from reward boxes.
Silver – This type is the ones obtained from daily logins. These tokens will expire after one day and does not accumulate.


Tickets are won every game. The number of tickets won will be based on how high the player gets. These tickets are used to purchase items from the shop. Tickets can also be bought via Google checkout or exchanged with Tapjoy points.


These are the prizes that can be won from the game: trophies, medals, collectibles, and in-game items.

In-Game Items

Slow – reduces speed of block movement back to starting speed

Extra block – replenishes one red block to the set. Max of 3 blocks per set.

Magnet – instantly stops entire block set upon aligning perfectly on lower blocks



This is the in-game shop where the players can redeem game items and goods using tickets. Tickets can be won from the game or bought via Google checkout.

Tab Item Description Price
In-Game Silver token Use to continue game upon game over. Expires in 1 day 100 tickets
Gold token Use to continue game upon game over. No expiry 200 tickets
Extra block Adds one red block to the set 40 tickets
Slow Reduces speed for one level 50 tickets
Magnet Aligns set safely to lower blocks 60 tickets
Premium 1x Mystery Box Contains a random prize $0.99
3x Mystery Box Contains a random prize $1.99
5x Mystery Box Contains a random prize $2.99
100 Tickets $0.99
220 Tickets 20 bonus $1.99
450 Tickets 50 bonus $3.99
1000 Tickets 200 bonus $7.99
2000 Tickets 500 bonus $14.99



CUBIES SET COLLECTIBLES Red cubie 200 tickets
Green cubie 200 tickets
Pink cubie 200 tickets
Purple cubie 200 tickets
Yellow cubie 200 tickets
Blue cubie 200 tickets
Grey cubie 300 tickets
FREE EM’ KITTIES COLLECTIBLES grey tabby kitty 250 tickets
black & white kitty 300 tickets
white & orange kitty 300 tickets
white & grey kitty 350 tickets
orange tabby 500 tickets
white kitty 500 tickets
black kitty 500 tickets
calico kitty 400 tickets
Zombie Roasted Chicken 400 tickets
Mummy Roasted Chicken 400 tickets
Boxer Roasted Chicken 500 tickets
Mad Roasted Chicken 500 tickets
Psycho Roasted Chicken 500 tickets
Blue Fuwacha 300 tickets
Green Fuwacha 300 tickets
Yellow Fuwacha 300 tickets
Pink Fuwacha 300 tickets
Spike the Porcupine 500 tickets
Armor-dillo 500 tickets
ASTRO LANDER COLLECTIBLE Astro Lander 001 1500 tickets


Multiplayer mode
Two Players will battle together to find out who can reach the highest stack.
This can be done real time or asynchronously. There will be a pool of online and offline players that can be challenged. The player can choose whether to find an opponent from Facebook, email, by user name, or random.

Players can purchase or update with these new themes for the levels.
New level themes like: forest, desert, Milky Way, fantasy, castles, etc.

More achievements