Hogwarts Academy

Hogwarts Academy
By Paul Fabella, Game Designer @ Gameloft
This is a First Person / RPG game about being a young wizard or witch, learning the arts of wizardry, & exploring the enchanted castle of Hogwarts. The player interacts with the game world, objects, NPC’s, and cast spells using the XBOX Kinect motion and voice sensor.
Most of us know that the chanting of spells is the coolest part of casting magic. Pronouncing weird and foreign words is the fun part in role playing a wizard’s character. The key feature here is the actual use of words & gestures of casting spells as seen in the Harry Potter movies. Aside from the open world exploration of the huge Hogwarts castle, and playing the role of your own unique wizard with the character and the personality of your choosing, players can enjoy the game and have the experience of being an actual Hogwarts student doing quests and playing his own story.

I. Interaction
Players can fully interact with NPC’s and certain game objects. Using the Kinect sensor, players can do certain interactions like tapping, touching, pushing, waving, and other physical gestures. These actions affects the NPC’s reaction & response.
(ex. Player pushes the NPC abruptly, NPC becomes irritated and will be responding with angry reactions).
Players can talk to NPC’s by facing them and say the magic words “Hi” or “Hello”; ending a conversation by saying “Goodbye”, agreeing or disagreeing by saying “Yes” or “No”, and so on.
There will be certain questions or options on most conversations that the player must say by speaking the actual words or letters of the responses.
Also, some doors or objects also requires certain passwords or chants to open.
(ex. Chamber of secrets entrance)
II. Spell Casting
Casting spells is the key feature of the game. This will give the players the opportunity to cast magic just like Harry Potter. Players can hold an actual wand or a stick to make the experience more realistic & fun.
There are 2 important actions that must be performed to cast a successful spell:
  1. Waving the wand to target
  2. Speaking the spell correctly
An indicator appears if the spell is successful
III. Kinect Controls
Raise your hand and do the tap/touch gesture to the target character or object
Put one foot forward
Turn your shoulder facing the direction where you want to turn
Casting Spells
To successfully cast spells, it’s important to do the spell gesture and the voice command at the same time.
To do the spell gesture, pretend that you have a wand in your main hand, and turn your wrist pointing towards the target.
Make sure you say the spell correctly.
Blocking Spells
Quickly raise your hand to your face as if blocking an incoming projectile. Perfect timing will successfully block the spell. Blocking too quick or too slow, will not guarantee the defense

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