Nine Realms

Title: Nine Realms
Genre: RPG Card Game
Platform: Nook E-book Reader
By Paul Fabella, Game Designer from Gameloft
The Nook E-book Reader now has android OS and touch capacity. It can also cater to larger amount of data and graphics compared to the other portable readers.
This game is an RPG Fantasy Card Game.
Nine Different Realms
Epic story
Hundreds of AI to battle
Hundreds of Cards to collect
Since Nook eBook reader now comes in android OS and touch LCD screen technology, the controls are simply touch-based. Dragging and dropping, tapping and double tapping are used to navigate the game.
Neutral Cards
Color-Based Cards
Action Cards – used to initiate an action during player’s turn in expense of energy cards
  • Spell
  • Defense
  • Skill
  • Revive
  • Double Damage
  • Re-draw
  • Extra Action
  • Return Damage
  • and so on…
Character Cards – has unique skills and attacks to command, has specific hp value added to the player when played
Monster Cards – has unique skills and attacks to command
Energy Cards – used for action cards. Energy cards has specific color values that represents a card type. Only cards that has the same color value as the energy card at hand may be used.
Equipment Cards – adds attack or defense to Character cards
  • Players have 56 Cards in a deck
  • Starting Cards at hand is 6 per player
  • Player Draws a card every start of his/her turn
  • Player can do as much as 3 actions per turn
  • First to play will be decided with a coin toss
  • Each Player has 100 default hit points
  • Hit points increases as character cards are set in the field
  • First Player to reach 0 HP, forfeits, or ran out of card loses the battle.
  • Once a Character Card is played, it cannot be used for 1 turn
  • Once a Monster card is played, it cannot be used anymore and placed in the grave
  • Cards that are discarded are placed in the discard bin.
  • The discard bin can still be accessed and certain action cards can revive discarded cards.
  • After each card battle, exp points and gold are earned as well as ranking points

The story will be text based with illustrations to visualize key events just like graphic novels.
The Hero (Player) begins by selecting a realm. Each realm are different based in races, element, weapons, etc. The player then creates his/her profile and begins the story.
The story progresses as the Player battles his way up to the final chapter.
Players can duel via wi-fi connection using a unique registered game and hardware ID.
Players can also trade cards
Each Card will have unique card ID to prevent exploit and duplication.
Players can purchase cards in the online store
Players can participate in the online auction where they can auction off their cards or bid on cards from other players

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