About Paul


Born 6th of March, 1986 on Makati City, Philippines.
Graduated BA Multimedia Arts major in ‘3D Animation and Game Development’ on May of 2007.
Worked on several firms and freelance jobs while constantly continues his training in the chosen field.
Worked as an instructor, web designer, animator, graphic artist, generalist, and video editor.
Currently working as a professional Game Designer.Also indulges on other fields like Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Culinary Arts, and animal care.

Open to new opportunities on the field of Professional Game Design.



  • Game Designing(Concept, R&D, Mechanics, Porting, SNS, monetization, mobile & console), Scripting (Flash AS2 & Unity), 3D Level Design
  • 3D modeling and animation (Level, Assets, Environment modeling and design, Character Animation, Vehicles, Machines)
  • 3D Character modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animation, rendering
  • 2D Animation, Graphic design, Web design, Web animation
  • Video Editing & Production, Pre & Post production, compositing


·         1st Place, ‘U got Game’ Game Development competition (Republika), September 2007
·         Best Computer Graphics, ‘U got Game’ Game Development competition (Republika), September 2007
·         Best 3D Art, ‘U got Game’ Digital Art contest, September 2007
·         3rd Place, ‘U got Game’ Digital Art contest (best 3D art), September 2007
·         Best Picture ‘Deceitful Memories’ – APC Film Fest, April 2007
·         Best CG award ‘Deceitful Memories’ – APC Film Fest, April 2007
·         Best Technical Director – APC Film Fest, April 2007
·         Winner, Viewers’ choice award – INTEL game demo contest – (Republika), July 2007
·         Winner, APC Marketing week, Animated Advertising Contest, July 2004
·         Finalist, NUMINA inter-school art competition, Aug-Oct. 2004
·         Environment Artist, Level Designer, Game Designer for the game ‘Project: Republika’


Gameloft Philippines
Feb  2011 – Present
Game Designer

-Design and Implementation of current and new game  rules and mechanics for new and ported games
-Game Localization
-Game Concept for Creation
-Level design  using Unity engine
-UI redesign and layout for ported games
-Implementing new or modified Controls and function
-Implementing Social features for SNS games
– Monetization for Free to Play games and Freemium
-Game Design Documentation
-Game dialogues, scripts, & Story
-Creating Mock ups using Flash, Photoshop, Unity, or 3DS Max

Keen Software House, Prague, Czech Republic
May 2010 – Jan 2011
3D Modeler (home based) – for the game MINER WARS

-Model various game assets like fighter ships, space debris, civilian ships, etc. after concept art
-Unwrap UV’s for texturing
-Contribute to other aspects of the game development including game design, story, and concepts.

ActMedia Phils., Quezon City, Philippines
Nov 2008 to Sept 2010
Lead 3D Artist / Animator

-Model and texture environments and props for animated short-films
-Create animated shorts for TV
-Model, Texture, and rig the character and environment in 3DS Max and Photoshop.
-Animate the character with the given lines and render it using  VRAY in 3DS Max.
-Composite and edit rendered images on Adobe After Effects and finalize rendered video in Sony Vegas

Sept 2008 – Feb 2009
3D Artist/Animator – Freelance

-Rig basic to complex models of various human and animal characters using vertex skin method in the skin modifier of 3DS Max.
-Animate several different actions for game loops and reactions for each character set using bones and in FK animation.
-Export and test the finished and baked animations into file formats compatible to the assigned game engine.

Arena Multimedia, Makati City, Philippines
Aug 2008 to Dec 2008
Multimedia Instructor

-Plan and execute several advanced industrial techniques in development’ is the main concept in teaching a 15-month multimedia course that concentrates on the cutting-edge standards in production.
-Giving lectures and actual demonstration to students on how to use, experiment, and work faster with different development and design tools from pencil drawing to adobe CS3, Corel suite, Max and Maya.

Pixelstream | Laro Corporation, Makati City, Philippines
June 2006 to 2008
3D Artist, Character and Environment Designer

-Environment and Prop modeling and texturing for an incoming Nintendo Wii MMO game using 3D Max, Maya 7 and Photoshop.
-Character Modeling and Texturing for a Windows PC Game with an interchangeable body parts and features using 3D Max 9, and Photoshop.
-Rigging the characters to be used in the game engine using physique modifier in 3D Max and load the animation sets for each.
-Quality Assurance and final exporting for the assets of the Nintendo DS game ‘Flushed Away’ and PS2 Game ‘Negima’.

Aikijeet Studios, Makati City, Philippines
2004 to 2007
Animator, artist, editor, Flash Game Designer

-Audio and Video editing for TV commercials, music videos, and short films using Adobe Premiere and Vegas movie studio.
-Graphic design and layout for various clients’ ad materials using adobe CS.
-2D Animation using flash for short narrative films and websites.
-Web design and development for various companies using Macromedia DreamWeaver.
-Design and Develop game assets and content for the RPG game Blue Gate.

GAME DEVELOPMENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS |       3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering, Game Design, level design

Order and Chaos MMORPG(Freebox), Where’s Waldo Now? (Freebox) GT Racing (Freebox), Modern Combat: Sandstorm 2(Freebox),  Texas holdem` Poker (Freebox), Sociotown(MMO / PC), Benny & Barker (Flash PC), Strike Sandbox FPS(PC), Miner wars (PC, XBOX 360), Riley’s world (PC, MMO) Bang-Bang kids (Wii), Avatars (PC Windows/Mac), Negima (PS2), Flushed Away (NDS), Roseville Conspiracy (PC, Mobile), Blue Gate: QFE (PC), Project: Republika (PC Windows), Manila Sage(Flash), various flash games for Ad campaigns, websites, and mobile devices.


Excellent Proficiency in American English both written and oral.
Native language: Filipino

Operating systems:
Windows 7 ultimate x32 & x64, Windows XP, Vista Ultimate, Mac OSX

Office and Design Programs:
Microsoft Office 2010,  Adobe CS4, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas 9, Acid Pro, Sound Forge 9, Corel Draw x4, Adobe Flash CS4, Dreamweaver CS4;

3D Applications:
Maya 2011, Wings 3D, 3D Studio Max 2009, Mental Ray, V-ray, Z Brush, Facegen

Game and Level Design Programs & Languages:
Unreal Editor 3, Game Design Pro, RPG Maker XP/VX, HTML, CSS, Flash Action Script, FPS Creator, 3D Game Studio 7A, Unity 3D


Asia Pacific College, Makati, Philippines
2003 – 2007
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts
Major in 3D Animation and Game Development

Artfarm Asia, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
1998 – 2001
Japanese animation training
Traditional Animation


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