Pokemon Misadventures

Jessie & James’ Pokemon Misadventures
By Paul Fabella 
Game Designer from Gameloft
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Nintendo 3DS


On most of the Pokemon games, including the TV series, Team Rocket’s Jessie and James always shows up as unsuccessful Pokemon burglars. This time, Jessie and James will go out on an epic Journey where they will travel the world for adventure.
The story will run through most events in the TV series, games and movies. They will also have many rivals as other Criminal groups are also after most of their marks. These rivals are Teams Magma, Aqua, Galactic, & Plasma. Their leader Giovanni will give Missions for them to accomplish. The game will run in a full-3D environment with a real-time battle system.
I. Controls
II. Character Switching
Jessie and James have their own unique set of skills & Pokemon that can be used in the game.
  • Jessie can lift or push heavy objects
  • James can do disguises to hide from enemies
Player can toggle between the two during the game using the Y button.
III. Pokemon
Jessie & James can both use Meowth, but they also have their own set of Pokemons that they can use in battle.
Each of these Pokemon has their own stats & skills that can be used in battle. Their stats also grow as the level up and evolve.

The player can assign each Character a main Pokemon to be used in battle.
IV. Battle

The battle will be real-time.
Pressing any of the D-Pad button will use an assigned Skill or Attack of the Active Character’s Pokemon.
Pokemon skills will have a cool down timer after being used. The stronger the skill, the longer the cool down time.
Enemies will drop money, HP recovery items, experience points, and loot when defeated.
Players can change the Pokemon attack assignment from the D-Pad.
Players cannot switch Characters during battle.
Once the active Pokemon’s HP reaches zero, the Player will choose another Pokemon to fight.
V. Missions

Missions are the ones that drives this game. Missions are given by the boss Giovanni.
There are two types of Missions:
Main Missions and Side Missions
Main Missions are non-repeatable and progresses the game
Side Missions are repeatable, and non-progress essential.
Giovanni will give different kind of missions such as:
  • Stealing or Capturing a certain Pokemon
  • Obtaining a certain item
  • Destroying an evidence
  • Assembling a certain device or machine
  • Defeating a certain trainer
  • Kidnapping a certain person
Missions will be assigned on many locations around the world. In each mission level, a specific goal must be reached.
Each mission will have ratings and rankings on how the player performs. This will be based on time finished, points collected & enemies defeated.
There will be several collectibles and items within each level. Players can obtain them by playing the missions again. Achievements and medals will be given as well.
The game ends once all Main Missions are completed. 


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